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8 low-cost houses that are easy to construct

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We all have the desire to live in a house that we can say is owned by us. However, buying or building a house, as they say, is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions of our life and a type of investment that most of us end up dedicating a large amount of our savings.

Hence, our today's article focuses on houses that can be built with the minimum of investments but at the same time also provide its users with a functional and visually pleasing space to live in. Designing low-cost housing is an art in itself, the trick is to focus on faster construction techniques, be creative with space management and utilize construction materials that are easy to procure and maintain. Let's take a look at few of the projects executed by our experts, perhaps you can get some ideas out of it…

1. Prefabricated houses

Prefabrication is a technique that is getting better by each passing day and will certainly change the way we build our houses in the future. Prefabrication involves assembling the house by elements/parts that are already produced somewhere else on a mass scale, a factor which leads to lower costs. Prefabricated elements further are designed in a way that they can be assembled and fixed to each other easily, thus saving on labor costs and time.

2. Tried and tested designs

A good way to reduce the final costs is to not opt for custom made spaces but choose from one of the already built housing prototypes. This will enable you to reduce the designer's costs while at the same time save other resources since prototype houses are generally designed in such a way that they can be built faster.

3. Using locally availbale materials

Material cost is one of the largest components of any final cost. You can eliminate this by opting for materials that are readily and cheaply available at your construction site. As seen in this example, being set in a forest, wood was readily available, cheap, as well as the cost for wood workmanship was low, all of this contributed to a beautiful but low-cost final product.

4. Log houses

This house is similar to what we spoke before. Building from readily available materials is a great way to reduce final costs. We especially loved the small seating space right next to the entrance of this house.

5. Stone houses

Stone houses are one of the most energy-efficient houses that can be built. Stone has the property to absorb heat, as a result of which a stone house is relatively cooler during the hot daytime and decently warm during cold nights. Hence, it is no surprise that a lot of old houses in extreme climates were built form stone.

6. Modular houses

Modular houses wherein different elements such as wood, metal, and glass can be assembled together on the site can be a very effective trick to build low-cost living spaces.

7. Steel houses

Steel as a building material is relatively new. However, faster construction, better strength, and readily available labor to work with steel make steel as a building material as a relatively smart option to opt for.

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8. Wooden houses

Wood, similar to stone, is a timeless building material. Wooden houses not only have that rustic charm to them but they also are extremely comfortable to live in and are very durable.

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