26 decorative ideas for the facade of your home

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The front facade of your house is perhaps the part of the house that recieves the maximum attention. It is no secret that a well-designed front facade can do wonders to the way your house will be percieved. Hence, investing in a good facade is extremely important if you wish to give a positive impression of your house. Having spoken of visitors, it is also important to note that a beautiful facade will also result in you feeling more postive about yourself, after all it is rightly said that the facade of the house is a representation of the people who live behind it.

Do you want to know how it can be done, read on further to see some of the best works done by our experts

1. Organic and traditional designs fabricated from mild steel

4. A facade adorned with plants

5. A facade that emits out light after sunset

7. A facade with large roof overhangs

8. A house with a beautiful and compact form

11. A minimalist facade with stone walls and rustic wood

12. A facade with lime finished walls

13. A facade with an exposed brick finish

14. A facade with bold wooden lines

15. A combination of contrasting shades

16. A facade inspired from tropical architecture

17. A facade adorned with sleek exterior lights

18. A facade with traditional architectural features

19. A facade with a pergola that is adorned with flowers

20. With exposed bricks and rustic wood

21. A facade with a modest country side feel to it

22. A facade with a distinct Portuguese influence

24. A facade with a large sloping roof and a strong front wall

25. A facade with wonderful earthy shades

26. A facade with a mix of traditional and modern styles

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Which of the facade designs did you like the most?

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