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10 comfortable cottages to get inspired from

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In spite of the fact that more and more of our buildings are getting taller and adopting futuristic design and techniques, it is hard to find someone that does not like a good old cottage made entirely of wood and situated in the countryside. This is precisely why we have written our today's article. Our article today focuses on few of the cottages and countryside side homes that have been built with traditional space planning and design concepts. Wood and stone have been at the core of the construction with most of the houses being situated in lush expansive sites beside a forest or a beautiful lake.

Interested to know how they look? Read on…

A cottage with lovely sloping roofs

This cottage is provided with an elegant combination of gray, white, and beige shades. The entrance area is also provided with a nice covered space by means of the simple shed roof having dark gray colored tiles. We also loved the miniature pots that are placed outside the house to give it a nice rustic look.

Traditional wooden construction

This house is built with traditional construction methods and features a lovely sloping roof with large balconies. The ground floor is provided with large window cutouts as well as perimeter balcony that resembles a verandah. Further, the architects have also provided the house with a sleek lawn outside the main strucutre.

A house with excellent timber utilization

Similar to the first project, this house is built entirely in wood and exhibits few extremely beautiful construction methods. The house is planned in a nice L-shaped layout and is provided with a swimming pool in the centre in such a way that the living room overlooks the pool.

An elegant chalet on the lake

The charming house with multiple sloping roofs is planned in such a way that it overlook the beautiful lake. The spaces facing the lake are provided with large openings as well as terraces in order to allow the users a space to enjoy the beautiful views.

A modern cottage with earthy tones

This cottage with it's beige and brown colored palette exudes a very earthy appeal. The house is also provided with a decently large garage at the ground floor just beside the main entrance porch. On the first floor the architects have provided the bedroom which has beautiful terraces that overlook the surroundings.

A simple yet elegant wooden house

This elegant house follows the footsteps of other wooden houses in the list and is provided with a wonderful pergola at its entrance. We also loved how the experts have used a nice combination of beige colored wood and maroon colored window frames on the facade.

A cottage by the lake

Built primarily from stone and wood, this house exudes a very classy and elegant charm. The large windows on both the floors are composed in a nice symettrical pattern and allows wonderful surrounding views to its users.

A cottage that fuses traditional concepts with modern ideas

This wonderful cottage fuses modern construction techniques with vernacular architecture concepts. We particularly loved the sleek combination of the dark gray roof tiles with the white colored walls.

A cottage with a charming balcony

With a large balcony over the main entrance door and a beautiful sloping roof, this house provides its users with a wonderdul place to spend their holidays in. The white colored walls on the ground floor and the wooden walls on the first floor combine together to give this house a very charming look.

A house with a bold gray colored facade

Built entirely from rustic gray colored wood, this house looks extremely elegant and fits in perfectly in its context. Our experts at Good Wood have provided the house with lovely large windows on both the floors to give their users beautiful views of the surroundings.

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