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Our today's Ideabook focuses particularly on designing small spaces. As our houses are getting increasingly smaller due to the rising costs and high demands, more and more architects are deriving innovative means to deal with smaller spaces. The biggest hurdle with small areas is the lack of space itself, a factor which forces us to compromise on either the living or storage areas. However, all is not lost, when we take a glance at few of the best small space designs, we realize that the quality of such areas is highly dependent on how creative you can get or simply hiring the right experts.

Hence, in our today's Ideabook, we have collected for you the 10 best small space designs executed by our experts. Take a look…

Wooden elegance

This space is provided with a nice blue colored sofa that faces the sleek wood cladded television wall. The combination of the richly textured wood with the white ceilings and walls gives the space a very elegant look. Further, the full height mirror goes on to enhance the overall appeal of the space and provides the area with a larger than actual feel.

A luxurious apartment

Bright, glossy, and luxurious, this apartment is adorned with the best quality finishes to give it a very upmarket appeal. The combination of the wood with its surrounding elements looks particularly elegant. However, the best feature of the space is the transparent artificially lit short partition wall that separates the living space from the kitchen.

An apartment inspired from the beach

This wonderful apartment has a distinct beach theme to it which is most apparent through its material selection and color palette. The space is adorned with cyan and blue shades that are scattered around in the furniture as well as in the upholstery to give it a very charming and refreshing appeal.

A monotonous setting

This apartment is adorned primarily with a single brown shade that is most apparent in the flooring, furniture, and the window blinds. The monotonous setting not only gives the space a far soothing appeal, it also exudes a certain luxury in the way it interacts with the artificial lighting in the space.

A futuristic design

This space with its nicely panelled walls that are back lit with LED lights excudes a very elegant look. The setting is further accentuated by the sleek blue colored centre table that acts a dining space as well as a typical centre table.

An artistic setting

With exposed concrete, large windows, and wooden flooring, the architects have given this house a very classy and urban look. The wonderful ceiling lights further enhance the overall appeal of the space, however, our favorite in this area are the two artistic chairs that add a whole new dynamism to the entire area.

Beauty in chaos

On the first glance this space might come across as too chaotic. However, when we realize that this space is only 24 square metres in size and accomodates a living room, a sleeping space, as well as kitchen, we cant help but appreciate the creativity and skill of the experts involved in this project.

An outdoor terrace

This spacious terrace is provided with a neat dining space set against the side wall. The setting consists of a centre table with a solid white colored seating block and two crystal stools. The entire setting is further adorned by the vertical plants that are installed on the side wall.

A compact kitchen

Measuring only 8 square metres in size, this compact kitchen provides its users ample amounts of cooking as well as storage space. The space is provided with a simple cooking counter with storage cabinets on the top and a comfortable breakfast table opposite it.

A stylish bedroom for a young girl

Adorned in bright pink shades, this lovely bedroom is designed for the younger daughter of the client. Apart from the comfortable bed, the architects have also provided the space with a large study space which can also double up as a dressing area.

A minimalist setting

This apartment is provided with a nice monotonous palette of white and beige that gives it a wonderful sleek look. We particularly liked the seating space which is adorned with comfortable pillows, wall paintings, and sleek storage shelves.

A bedroom with large openings

This bedroom with its wonderful large window gives its users the pleasure of being close to nature while at the same time being sheltered. The outdoor space is also provided with a nice dining table and few potted plants for an enhanced experience.

Contemporary design

Designed for a young couple, this bedroom features extremely high quality materials and finishing. The comfortable large bed is provided with elegant upholstery that looks very luxurious while at the same time we also loved the glossy brown colored wall paper that is installed on the rear wall of the main bed.

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Which of the spaces did you find the most appealing?

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