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6 themes and concepts to apply in your house

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Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living room
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While decorating your home, you probably have several influences in the works that perhaps you don't even realize. Maybe you've just read some classic F. Scott Fitzgerald and now want to redecorate your home according to the eccentrics of the 1920s—or maybe you want to decorate your office with minimalist graphics and prints inspired by the new Star Wars film. Perhaps the cosiness of Sense and Sensibility or the cottage in The Holiday have you thinking in terms something smaller and more welcoming.  This tends to happen to almost every homeowner—and it is possible to not only recreate the look of these inspirations, but the feelings and moods they create as well.

Below we have listed six different themes and concepts you can apply in your home, whether the inspiration be a book you just read, a movie you just watched or a recent country you just adventured through—we have it covered!  So pull out the scrapbooks, the movies, the books and the Pantone colour palettes you've always adored, and let them be the next design inspiration in your home.

Pick a concept: relaxed/chill/sexy/peaceful

Richmond Full House Refurbishment A1 Lofts and Extensions Living room
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Perhaps with all the themes and concepts we will discuss below, you might find it easier to just pick a mood and go for it! For your living space, think about mood themes like relaxed, chill, sexy, or peaceful and pick furnishings and decor that coordinate.

The mood of this seams to be both relaxed and chill with a bold colour scheme and fun furnishings for both you and your guests. If you're thinking of something more sexy, think about plush furnishings, high-pile rugs and cozy throws and pillows to allow your guests to sit back and relax!

Make sure when choosing a particular mood theme that you consciously always think about the mood you wish to create when choosing all of your furnishings and decor as not to lose sight of your goal—we know this can be easy with all the available options!

Natural environment: forest/mountain/ice/sea

If your family has recently been on a hike, a camping trip, or any type of outdoor excursion, then consider bringing the outdoors, inside!  This designer was great at using hard timbers both exposed and as a decorative technique to make this space feel as if you're sitting right outside on the patio. The boards that plank the background accent wall and the raw timbers/logs used to create a separation device fit perfectly with the darker, yet neutral colour palette used in this living quarter.

If you don't want to go as far as to use so much raw wood in your space—then think about furnishings made of wood—coffee tables with tree stumps and glass and accent tables, chairs, and barriers made with bamboo for a lighter wood.  Canvas and sisal-based textiles also add an outdoor feel that is more ocean and seaside-based as well.

Pick your favorite book/character

For something more creative, pick your favourite book and/or character from a book as deco-inspiration.  Here, the eclecticism of this room creates a fun and vibrant feel representative of most story books and novels.  It is especially smart to use books as inspiration in children's rooms and nurseries, where they identify directly with the characters.

We suggest that after reading your favourite book that you make a list of items that remind you of this particular book, character, or scene from the novel and focus on these objects for starters.  It will also be easier on you if you start with a colour palette that you feel both emotionally and mentally reflect the feeling of the book.  Choosing the right colour palette can honestly be enough sometimes!

Want to make your living room a cozy inspiration for more book reading sessions? Check out this fabulous ideabook!

Pick your favorite city/country

If you've recently studied or travelled abroad and fell in love with the country/countries you were in , go back home and use them as interior design inspiration. By doing so, will allow your to feel as though you're waking up every morning in Florence, Amsterdam, or Luxembourg City—as you wish!

Here, we chose a minimalist, Dutch-designed living/working space.  Living in the Netherlands, as well as almost any Scandinavian country comes with thinking in a minimalist, multi-functional way.  The Scandinavian chairs and minimalist desk, shelving and storage space—as well as the addition of the exposed brick wall, creates a vibrant and urban atmosphere.  The allocation of natural light also makes for a great area to grow herb and vegetable plants—another necessity of cramped, urban, European living! Use your space to the best of your ability and you'll never be without!

Pick your favorite colour

Our first option, picking a certain mood, and now this option of 'picking your favorite colour—are the two easiest options we can provide.  Pick your favourite colour—and don't stop there.  Pick one primary colour and at least two or three complimentary colours within the same colour scheme to bring out the most in your space.

Remember the 60/30/10 golden rule for colour design—60% of your room should be the primary colour, predominately used on the walls—30& should be accent colours, mostly used on furnishings, and 10& should be the last colour used just for accessories and decor, like pillows and lamps. Our eyes work according to the patterns they pick up the moment they walk into the room!

Pick your favorite movie and decorate accordingly

Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living room
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

We decided, with the passing holidays and colder season, to be inspired by seasonal movies that mean cosiness and close-knit family parties. To create a cosy and liveable living quarter—it's all about the colour palette and decor that you choose.

Stick with a neutral colour palette—but one that is slightly darker, like seen here! This neutral green wall colour mixed with the raw timber flooring and the fireplace filled with character is the perfect example of a cottage-type of design and feel.

Expose the wood flooring in your home, choose colours that are welcoming and inviting and more natural decor like plants and trees, personalized photographs and family heirlooms.  Candles and natural lighting will add to the atmosphere as well.

Into more sci-fi movies—try using lighting as a way to create an interesting feel!

To see how larger, outdoor spaces can also be made to feel cosy, check out this example.

Has a new and recent event inspired you to redecorate your home? Tell us what you did by commenting below!
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