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The international home: styles from around the world

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We all know that there are plenty of influences throughout our daily lives that we apply to our living space—mood, travels, past experiences and especially books and magazines.  However, don't look at the title of this Ideabook and think that it means that you need to travel the world in order to bring those worldly influences home. If you've ever lived or travelled abroad, then these items listed below will ring both familiar and true—if you haven't, that is okay too!

We believe that sometimes, in different parts of the world, they might be onto things that we've never considered.  So why not consider these functional and stylistic changes asthemes and concepts that we could apply in our own home? From Brazilian bedrooms to German bathrooms, let the world be your inspiration board for your next home project!

Brazilian bedroom

Defined by access to the outdoors, light furnishings and accessories and plenty of ventilation, Brazilian bedrooms are quite romantic in their own way.  With the hotness and humidity of the climate and a lot of homes being without air conditioning, the bedroom is a place to relax and cool down.  Think about textiles that are of linen or cotton, a light, yet eccentric colour palette and an aesthetic that is a combination of rustic and romantic.

Compared to other types of design, Brazilian bedrooms are meant to be enjoyed—rather than just a space to start and end your day. Make it comfortable for you and your partner, and make sure you personalize the space with photographs, family heirlooms and plenty of fresh plants.

French kitchen

We all know the French are famous for their culinary methods and cuisine—and you would be right in assuming that their kitchens are the catalyst for all of this hype!  French kitchens are defined by open, and connected living, fresh ingredients, storage for wine and even better, a timeless inclusion of functionality  

As the French are like most Europeans in that a majority will call a smaller apartment home, the kitchen space is typically small as well.  The French are proof that the size of your space shouldn't stop you from living and eating well. For your next kitchen project, think about large hard wood countertops that are the utmost functional, yet provide a rustic French-country look. Make sure open shelving is used for easy access to anything from salad plates, to wine glasses and freshly-potted herbs.  Bring the outdoors in, and make sure everything you need is within hands-reach—like in this example!

German bathroom

We know what you're thinking, there is definitely a stereotype that Europeans, especially Germans, live within small living quarters—and the bathroom is no exception. We won't completely disagree with you here, because compared to North Americans the living spaces do tend to be smaller and more compact.  Once again, the lack of space is worked around with German modern design and great architectural and design concepts.  

Less is definitely more with Geemran living and learning to adjust to this concept is a feat in itself.  However, what you will find is that proper and creative storage are a German way of life and decluttering your space to only stick with necessities is a great way to live.  Trust us, your mornings getting ready will be much easier.  Don't forget to add a nice towel warmer to your German-style bathroom, and keep all the colours light and clean!

Here's another example of a European-style bathroom, but with a completely different set-up!

British living room

A British living room is defined by cosiness, small family gatherings and liveliness. What does this mean? Lots of seating, localized lighting, plush carpets and comfy furnishings and accessories.  This living room exemplifies the style of close-knit family ties, eccentric fun and a more private sense of coziness. 

Ideally, providing strategic seating arrangements and the right lighting can change the whole atmosphere of any room, and particularly a living quarter which is defined by guests and lots of activity.  Think about statement pieces, coffee table books, plush throws and leave out the electronics for the ultimate gathering-space feel!

Japanese garden

The moon gate with wooden art behind Lush Garden Design Asian style gardens
Lush Garden Design

The moon gate with wooden art behind

Lush Garden Design

The relaxation and aesthetic provided by an at-home Japanese garden is incredible. You might think you have limited space to work with, but don't think about space.  Turn this into a fun project for you and your family—this will definitely require research, but take it seriously and make the right choices for you. Have fun when choosing the right woods, the right stones, the right lighting and most importantly, the right plants.

This can be a physical area for relaxation and an area that will be a conversation starter at almost every dinner party.  Want to add something special? Add a water feature!

Italian children's room

What exactly does an Italian children's room has that ours doesn't? Well, for starters they usually have a modern take on children's spaces that allows for an easy transition into adulthood, cleanliness and optimal storage. As seen here, the use of bold and bright colours is important, yet the association of particular colours through gender is not necessarily needed.  This space, with certain decor added or removed can easily become a livable and welcoming space even as the child grows older.  If you take a closer look, you'll notice that the bold and bright colours are used through means of furnishings and accessories, which means they can easily be changed out as your child grows older, or as their tastes change.

In Italy, as family ties are most important, the child's room is left feeling rather bare compared to their North American counterparts.  This allows for parents to push their children outdoors and even more so into family gathering spaces—as the room leaves little interest for extravagent play.  When thinking about your child's room decor, let the furnishings and accessories, or even wall art and graphic prints speak volumes, rather than permanent fixtures like wall and paint colours!

Portuguese terrace

Bedroom 3 Terrace TG Studio Mediterranean style balcony, porch & terrace
TG Studio

Bedroom 3 Terrace

TG Studio

A Portuguese terrace is one of the best parts about Portugueese living.  Of course, those living in Portugal have a rather nice climate to work with compared to other areas, but this shouldn't deter you from creating a great terrace or outdoor space! Opt for furnishings, decor and textiles that are weather- and waterproof. Think about sisal- or hemp-based rugs, outdoor seating coverings and pillows.  As any outdoor space will undoubtedly have sun exposure, choose lighter colours as to not let the sun fade them out too much over time.  

Most homeowners view decorating the outdoor area as somewhat a waste of time—but if you choose the correct materials, you won't feel any major pressure to move things inside at the first sign of rain or storms.  Think about large umbrellas for more sunny days, lots of candle light for nighttime and weatherproof, soft furnishings that will allow you to kick back and relax.

Has a recent trip abroad inspired you to live "internationally"? Give us some tips by commenting below!
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