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16 inspiring bedroom ideas for a peaceful life

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Bedrooms are spaces that we are the most attached to when compared to any other space in the house. Reason being, almost a third of our life is spent sleeping, further, we also tend to cave back in our bedrooms during times when we feel stressed or when we simply desire some personal space. As a result, experts often recommended bedrooms to be designed in a way that is different from other spaces of the house. Typically, a bedroom must have finishes that are on the lighter side, even the furniture must be as minimum as possible, the idea is to develop a space which provides a peaceful ambiance to relax after a long day away from home.

Do you wish to see some practical examples? Read on further to know more…

1. A bedroom with artistic partition walls and sleek wooden flooring

2. A large bed with framework to hang curtains and some very artistic light fixtures

3. A bedroom with lovely white colored walls and wooden flooring

4. Interesting upholstery to add a different flavour to the bedroom

5. A sleek bedroom with a soothing color palette to allow a relaxing ambiance in the space

6. A bedroom with a bold blue colored rear wall and an artistic wooden ledge

7. An exposed brick facade for an elegant bedroom space

8. A bedroom with an elegant metal bed and charming full height curtains

9. A beautiful monotonous setting for a relaxing ambiance after long hard day at work

10. A modern bedroom with a fiery red wall and an elegant ceiling hung light fixture

11. A bedroom with richly textured wood for the bed, door shutter, and window frames

12. This bedroom is adorned with a beautiful turquoise colored rear wall that is further complemented with the bedsheets and the pillows

13. With its sleek wallpaper, this bedroom provides a nice backdrop for its comfortable bed

14. This bedroom is provided with an artistic painting that sets the tone for a wonderful ambiance in the entire space

15. This bedroom is adorned with gray colored panels on its rear side and full height curtians that are perfect to control the quality of light entering the space

16. This bedroom is provided with a neat wall paper that gives the space an elegant feel as well as a nice soothing ambiance

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A charming single bedroom apartment with excellent lighting design
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