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These days, more and more homes are being designed with modern and contemporary influences. Although modernity has its place in society, we as humans will always have a longing for the recreation of the past – the traditional. Today on homify, we're traveling to Kawasaki in Japan to show you an architect's rendition of tradition fused with modernity. Mukoyama Architects designed this new family home in the Kanagawa Prefecture, which is located on the eastern coast of Japan. 

the home fabulously makes use of one of the sloping plots typical of this undulating district. Opposite the home, and across the road sits a park, with an abundance of greenery, which has been beautifully utilised as a view for many of the interior living spaces. Sitting on 240 square metres, this spacious home welcomes nature in every respect and has a façade that evokes curiosity from all who look upon it.

A striking facade

Let's start off the tour by taking a glance at the magnificent facade. We are immediately met with a striking contrast between the cream coloured concrete and the darker brown timber clad doors and windows. The contrast clearly marks the different aspects of the facade, and to complement this, a lush, green row of trees is situated in front of the structure behind the fence. This home embraces nature in every respect – from the earth tones in exterior colouring, to the timber used for the door and window suroundings, to the use of plant life itself.

You can't tell just by looking at this image, but this house is set upon a sloped plot. Sloped plots of land like this are not uncommon for the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, and Mukoyama Architects was able to perfectly design a home that would securely hold on this land. From the interior, we are able to see the different levels of the house, where the stairs add innumerable strong intricacies and features. From the interior, we will also be able to see the fusion of Japanese tradition, inspired slightly my modernity. 

Hidden garden oasis

One of the most breathtaking characteristics of this family home is that it's situated in an oasis. Not a literal oasis, of course, but one of lush green shrubs and tall trees that will nevertheless leave you speechless. 

This garden is its own living, breathing edifice. The stone path that leads down the side of the home was designed to be encased by this lush foliage, bringing life, energy, and elation to all who walk on its path. Not only are these plants appealing to the eyes and the nose, they also offer an incredible amount of privacy by creating a living wall around the structure. 

The wooden finish on the facade only echoes the natural vibe we get by standing on this property, and the addition of large, sliding glass doors allow the outside to be brought in.

An aerial view

Here we have a remarkable aerial view of the garden and wooden platform steps leading up to the house. This split level deck not only perfectly coordinates with the home and surrounding vegetation, but as we can clearly see, it's the perfect place to entertain! Just imagine sitting outside on one of these benches, in the sun, – or perhaps in one of the shaded areas provided by the trees – relaxing with friends, or even hosting a party once the sun goes down. All are possible with this spacious, timber deck. And venturing inside doesn't even take away from that feeling, thanks to the large doors.

Expansive interior

As we venture inside this lovely abode, we are met with an incredibly open and expansive interior design scheme. Here, we see the modern influence at work. In almost all modern homes, the kitchen and living areas are combined using an open floor plan, so that there is a seamless transition between rooms, allowing for easier communication and socialization between friends and family. Mukoyama Architects wanted that exact principle to be employed here, and so we have this vast, spacious area. The white walls are a clean, visual break from the timber floors and timber slats on the ceiling. Paired with the wooden accents under the kitchen counter, and this room makes for a wonderfully nature-inspired home.

This home is truly expansive with its high ceilings and many windows, which create a substantially open and ventilated vibe and which allow light to stream in and fill the home.

Traditional Japanese bedroom

In this image, we are clearly able to see the traditional influences that Mukoyama Architects planned into the home. Although the rest of the home is designed with modernity in mind, this time-honored classic Japanese bedroom was included to take us back in time and keep us there.

The first traditional aspect we notice are the shoji rice paper screens. Next, we can appreciate the floor, which has been lined in soft, cushioned textiles. The cool green colours of the floor are calming, making this area the perfect place for meditation, relaxation, or study. 

In addition, a range of storage units have been included as a succession of small white cupboards that match with the rest of the interior decor.

A stylish bathroom

As the last room we'll look at in the house, the bathroom really surprises and takes your breath away. Designed with more of a modern flair, yet still inspired by tradition, this bathroom is both incredibly stylish and fully functional. Echoing Japanese tradition with hints of modernity, this black and white, yin and yang style bathroom creates a sense of calm and peacefulness. The use of white tile walls and tub reflect the natural light that is able to peak in through the window above the bath tub, accentuating the zig-zag in the ceiling and adding dimension to an otherwise flat area. 

In honor of tradition, there is both a shower and a bath tub in this washroom – a shower for getting all the dirt off, and a tub to relax away the stress from the day. 

Are you impressed by this fusion of Japanese tradition with modernity? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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