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Top ways to have a sexier home

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Have you been thinking that you need to revamp the interior design of your home? Not in the ways other people decorate their homes, but something a little riskier? Perhaps a little sexier and something along the lines of a romantic honeymoon suite you might find in a hotel? Then you've come to the right place! Today on homify, we're giving you a few tips on how to make your home sexier! So stop paying attention to what you’re wearing – a sexier you starts at home.

Anyone experienced in interior design will tell you that your home's design is a direct reflection of you and your personality. Giving your home sex appeal can be phenomenal for your confidence, as well as reflect the inner you. For a sensual setting, you’ve got to create an oasis.

Without further ado, here are the six tips we’ve gathered on how you can heat things up in your own home.

You want dim lighting

Giving your home that sought after sexy vibe starts with the lighting Normally, we boast and promote maximizing natural light in your home, but today, we're going on the opposite end of the spectrum. Dim lighting is the key to a sexier home, and as we see in this image, a sexier bedroom. Now when we say dim, we don't mean pitch black, of course. Your bedroom should be lit for you and for your easy use, and this should include anywhere between three and five sources of light. Easy to reach, soft, low light is sexiest kind of light. Typically two dim reading lamps and one light opposite the bed will do wonders when creating that sensual atmosphere. For a sexy space, it’s very important that the lighting is indirect and not a fixture on your ceiling. 

Fill your home with red candles

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While we're still talking about the lighting in your home, let's talk about candles. Candles always carry a romantic connotation, and it's no wonder why. The light emitted from candles is the softest, warmest, and sexiest you could ever have. And what's more, everyone looks good in candlelight! To maximise the sexiness factor in your home, use candles, but not just any candles – we're talking red candles. Red is the colour of intimacy and passion, and having red candles not only appeals to the visual sexiness of your home, scented candles also provide lustrous fragrance that will put you in the mood. For best results, choose a long-burning candle and experiment with different scents. For a more wild effect, place some candles inside a lantern to cast shadows and light on your walls. This will surely enhance the sexiness factor of your home.

That's right, satin sheets

If you thought dancing candle light was sexy, just wait until you embrace satin into your home. One of the keys to creating a sexier home is the consideration of all the senses. And you guessed it – touch is a big one. For a soft to the touch effect, we can only recommend satin sheets, as they’re the sexiest feeling thing on the market. Satin sheets provide a silky smooth texture and can even help keep you cool for those hot and sweaty romantic nights in the boudoir, not like cotton sheets which are more coarse and trap in heat. Lovely, high quality, smooth linens under your body, and you'll be ready for many nights that you won't soon forget.

Scents and sensibility

In order to keep with the sensory motif of your new sexy home, let’s think about scents. The sense of smell is the first to be stimulated when romance is in the equation. Not only when dealing with romantic endeavors, but also when you simply walk into a room. Aside from what you see, it’s what you smell that hits you first, so you want to make sure that when you’re creating a sexy atmosphere, you pick the right scent. We’ve mentioned scented candles as a key part to intimacy and arousal already, so let’s think about more natural scents that you can incorporate into your home. The first thing we think of are flower petals. Take this bedroom, for example. The rose petals scattered all across the bed aren’t just visually inviting for your partner, but also aromatically inviting. But don't feel that you have to stick with the cliche rose petals – lavender and lilac are also wonderfully sexy scents to try out.

Don't shy away from mirrors

Designing a sexier home is all about bringing out your wild and intimate side – your passion. So it's time to be playful and flirtatious with the strategic placement of mirrors. Mirrors don’t just have to be hung and used for functionality, they can also be put to good use for those hot and steamy romantic evenings. We know that for some, mirrors in the bedroom can make you feel a little uneasy, but it's a well known fact that people generally like to see and watch themselves, and putting a few mirrors around the bedroom is a good exercise in getting comfortable and getting sexy. A good tip is to have a few free standing, leaning mirrors, so you can move them depending on how you feel.

If you want to get a little freakier, try placing a mirror on the ceiling. 

Lastly, the sound stimulation

So, we've gone over the visuals, the scents, and the touch, now let’s get down to the auditory sense. It’s often ignored, as some people think playing music during a romantic evening is cheesy, but nothing could be further from the truth. When designing a sexier home, you have to think about sound. Nothing will relax you and put you in the mood more than soft lighting, sensual smells, and some good mood music. And what better way to stimulate the auditory senses than with a nice, big sound system? Having a sound system, especially with surround sound, will maximize the sexiness factor of your home. Picture a sound system like this one here, playing your favourite music with some soft, dim lights coupled with your scented candles and your partner, and you have all the ingredients for a sensual evening, and all the equipment to keep your home sexy for the next round!

If you want a rather unique, completely cool way to incorporate a sound system into your home, check out this bed with the sound system built right in.

Do you feel hot and steamy after reading this Ideabook? Have any other suggestions on how to create a sexier home? We'd love to hear from you!
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