You can have a study room in a small space! 8 inspiring designs

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In many urban homes, study spaces are simply an extension of the living room or the bedroom and are provided with a table and chair along with some storage space. A lot of times, a messy study space sub-consciously affects the final output. Further, a study space which is not designed properly is bound to affect your privacy as well as cause repeated disturbances to the one who is trying to study. So what do we do in such a case?

Don't worry, we understand that it is not feasible for all of us to have a separate room specifically for studying. However, what we can certainly do is arrange the space in such a way that it benefits all the parties. Do you wish to see how it can be done? Read on…

1. The loft

Loft spaces are of one of the best locations to set up a study atmosphere. Although they might appear ergonomically uncomfortable, lofts that are well-designed can provide you with a space in which you can quietly focus on your studies.

2. Behind storage cabinets

The space that is left behind the large cabinets can be efficiently used to position a study table along with the required storage area.

3. The attic

Attics with skylights are one of the best spaces where you can set up a study table and a compact storage arrangement.

4. Behind the sofa

If space allows, you can move your sofa forwards and use the space that is created between the sofa and the rear wall to position a sleek study table.

5. Along the window

If your house has a narrow space as above, you can install a nice platform along the window that can be used as a study or compact office space.

6. Along the partition

In the case of large spaces, you can install your study space along the partition wall that seperates the large space into smaller areas. In the above case, the architects have arranged the study table along the partition wall that seperates the bedroom space into two zones.

7. In the wardrobe

If space allows, you can fabricate your study space within your wardrobe. This arrangement is optimum if you require a quiet and distraction-free experience.

8. Between the sofa and the cabinet

You can use the space between the rear end of the sofa and the wall cabinet to install a study table. This way you can extract some valuable space as well as assemble a setting that is fairly hidden from the people visiting the house.

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Which of the study areas did you like the most?

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