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A Magnificent Modern Modular Mansion

Leigh Leigh
Modular Home in Berry, NSW Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd Minimalist house
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Modern architecture is often considered to be synonymous with opulent finishes, over the top design and elaborate detail. However, this home based in Berry, Australia defies these connotations where modern and minimalist collide, creating something quite unique and fantastic.

Designed by Australian Architects Modscape, this is a home of simplicity and sophistication. The architects have made the absolute most of horizontal space, creating an architectural structure where each room rolls onto the next. 

Basic aesthetic elements have been used, including wood, black corrugated iron and glass. This creates an incredibly modern, sleek look and feel. Neat and compact, yet still spacious and stylish, this is a house that ticks all of the boxes. 

Follow us as we explore this wonderful home, room to room. Enjoy!

Size matters

And we don't mean a ten-storey house or a home made up of a thousand bedrooms. We mean an architectural structure where the property has been utilised to create the most fantastic house possible.

You'll notice from this angle that the house is mostly a single-storey, with one little loft perched on top. This creates a very grand, modern and sophisticated impression from the exterior. You'll also notice that there is quite an eclectic look and feel from this angle.

The beautiful architecture is complemented by rolling lawns and a large and impressive swimming pool. Trees and gorgeous landscapes surround this home, which is why the architects have included large, glass windows in the design. This creates an easy transition between the exterior of the home and the interior of the home. 

Imagine sitting in the living room being able to look out onto this fantastic view!

Day light

In the daylight, it's clear to see how grand and large the swimming pool really is. The architects have ensured that the family who live in this house will be able to spend many afternoons braaiing by the pool while the kids swim away the day. 

A large deck sweeps across the lawn, creating plenty of space for deck chairs, umbrellas and tables and chairs for Sunday afternoon lunches. This is a pure entertainment spot! If you have a large garden, speak to your builder about installing a deck or a large terrace. It is a wonderful investment, upping the value of your house considerably.

If you have a large garden, then a swimming pool this size is of no consequence. Why not? You may as well make the most of the space while you can. 

Wooden wonderland

The wooden passageway that runs perpendicular to the swimming pool shows how much detail the architects have incorporated into the design of this house. 

The wooden walls are more like slats, giving those who are walking down the corridor glorious views of the swimming pool. It also lets light and cool air into the corridor, not quite allowing this space to be an interior space. 

The light wooden floors and walls lead up to a rich, dark and wide front door, which adds texture and character to this area of the home. The architects have really played around with colour and style here. 

This is a great tip for any home and you can even do something a bit more outrageous or different, opting for a bright red door or a bright blue door. This breaks up the monotonous style of the neutral colours used throughout the rest of the exterior. 

Open plan living

The kitchen and the dining room cum breakfast table merge into one another in a gorgeous open plan space that overlooks the swimming pool. 

Both the dining room table and the breakfast bar match each other in length, adding a stylish mirror-effect to the room. The dining room table, however, is a darker grey colour with beautiful, sandy-coloured chairs. The breakfast bar is a sleek white and black, with trendy white bar stools.

Natural light is a huge factor in this room, where the large glass doors and windows allow light to filter into this space. Because of this, only a simple drop down light is needed in the kitchen space, allowing the room to be illuminated by soft artificial light when the sun is down. 

The sweeping wooden floors continue throughout this house, adding a warm honey-like effect to the entire interior. 


The bathroom space is one of the sleekest and most elegant rooms in the house, where glass complements stark, white tiles.

The bathroom is an incredibly modern feature in the house itself, where minimalist is at its best. There are no personal items littering the shelves or the basin. Instead this room has been designed with a sleek mirror cabinet, where all items can be stored out of sight. This is fantastic for the bathroom, meaning that all of your guests can use it (and admire the awesome modern finishes!) without seeing what brand of toothpaste you use and how many tissues you keep in the house.

The modern shower is the cherry on the top however—every person's dream! There is nothing better than a rain shower head and a spacious area where you can sing while you soap up.

If you love modern bathrooms, don't miss: Bathroom Options That Will Floor You.

Out back

The exterior rear of the house is something quite different all together. A plain, cement wall lines the home, while a bare garden sprawls across the landscape.

This is truly a minimalist style, where the design is basic and yet beautiful. From this angle, you wouldn't expect the house that you find on the other side. In fact, you'd expect something quite rustic.

What is important to note here, however, is how the architects have incorporated the lush forest beyond the house into the design. This element is the true hero of the space. 

If you are planning to build a house in a beautiful area, talk to your architects about making the most of the landscape and the surrounds. You'll be surprised by how many fantastic ideas there are for going green.

This Australian house is one that would fit in perfectly to the South African climate and the South African culture. Can't you picture it now?

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