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9 ways to design parking space for motorbikes

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Motorbikes are one of the most important modes of transport in many cities with the developing global south boasting one of the highest ratio of motorbikes per family. However, quiet often, the parking for a motorbike is never given enough attention and we end up parking it outside the premises of the main compound of the house. The biggest problem with this is that their is a risk of theft or damage to the vehicle. Hence, in our article today we have sorted for you 9 parking spaces designed by our experts that can comfortably accomodate you motorbike.

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7. Measure for security

You can upgrade your parking space by providing adequate protection around it. The architects in this case have opted for a strong iron gate partition that not only provides security but also looks elegant.

1. Parking in the front yard

Parking in the front yard is one of the most common features in the case of small houses with narrow layouts. You can make this setting more interesting by planting some trees and installing the appropriate pavement for parking the motorbike.

2. A seperate garage

In this case the architects have planned a seperate garage beside the house. The garage with its large roof acts a nice terrace for the first floor.

3. Beside the main entrance

This beautiful house is provided with neat parking space that is without any enclosures. This way the architects have not only provided the users with a space for the motorbike but also a space which could be used for different functions.

4. A garage with a creative partition

The architects of this house have provided the users with a neat parking space that is enclosed with thick vertical wooden slats. These are not only functional in nature but also complement the overall composition of the house.

5. A parking space with elegant brickwork

This parking space is provided with a brick partition that looks very elegant, however, the best aspect of this is that it provides adequate security while at the same time allows excellent ventilation and light in the parking space.

6. Narrow layouts

In the case of narrow plots, you can design your house in such a way that there is some residual space between the house and the compound wall, something similar to an alcove. This way, you can easily create a nice and secure parking for your motorbike.

8. A garage with an angular design

The architects of this house have designed a nice parking space with sleek wooden doors and elegant LED lighting that gives the house a very classy look.

9. Garage for small town houses

In the case of this compact house, the architects have designed the garage in such a way that it occupies the entire ground floor. This way, the architects have provided a neat and secure space for the vehicle.

If you would like to read more about parking spaces, please click here.

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