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10 ideas to create a comfortable and stylish garden

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It is no secret that everyone of us has this dream of owning a nice house with an attached garden. Gardens are one of those spaces that all of us love being in, then may it be for some alone time, some play time with the kids, or a nice barbecue with close friends. Hence, it is important that gardens are designed in a way that they engage the senses and allow appropriate spaces for all the desirable activities. Although it might look simple, designing a garden is not easy at it seems and does require professional guidance, both, for the planning phase as well as the execution phase.

Hence, in our today's article, we have sorted for you 10 charming gardens that you can use as a reference for your dream garden. Let's take a look…

1. A central gazebo

Gazebo's are simple pavilions that are positioned in the centre or at a location desirable to the users. Not only do they provide protection from rains and harsh sun, they also look very charming in contrast with the green landscape. This particular gazebo is built entirely from wooden logs to give the garden a very pleasant appeal.

2. Landscaped pool

Water bodies and gardens go hand in hand. It is no secret that the best of gardens have always had a water body, natural or man-made in order to enhance the overall appeal of the space. You can very easily create your own water body and give it a natural look as it is done by the landscape architects in this space.

3. A charming fire place

This garden is provided with a nice brick-lined fire place that is surrounded with a nice encircling wooden platform on which you can sit comfortably.

4. The children's lodge

The Old Vicarage, Lancashire Barnes Walker Ltd
Barnes Walker Ltd

The Old Vicarage, Lancashire

Barnes Walker Ltd

Kids would love this! This garden is installed with a nice children's lodge built from wood in such a way that it looks like a part of the large tree. The house is also provided with a nice bridge that is suspended on ropes to further enhance the setting.

5. Creative lighting

Cracked Log Lamps Duncan Meerding Garden Lighting
Duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamps

Duncan Meerding

With new lighting products hitting the market everyday, you can get creative with the natural elements in the garden. In this example the architects have installed a light fixture in the wooden logs to give the space a very charming look.

6. Combining decking with flower beds

This one is an easy but at the same time very effective technique to give your garden an extremely creative and thoughtful look. You can apply the same technique with stone pavements in place of wooden boards.

7. A natural stream

Similar to the water body that we discussed above, you can create a nice natural looking stream for your garden. The only thing you will need to worry about is the gradient of the stream and the mechanism to allow the continuous flow of water, both of which can be achieved by proper technical guidance.

8. A charming summer garden

Upper Falls Condo 603 Uptic Studios Classic style balcony, porch & terrace
Uptic Studios

Upper Falls Condo 603

Uptic Studios

By installing a nice wooden pergola around an elegant stone cladded wall, the architects have converted this space into a nice summer garden perfect for a barbecue. The setting has been further made comfortable by the dining tables and arrangement for heating in case it gets cold during the night.

9. Material separators

Although not exactly an aesthetic element, separator plates that are usually made of stainless steel or plastic are essential from the point of view of separating different elements such as grass lawns and stone paving.

10. Gravel walkways

It has been long suggested that walking barefoot on gravel beds can act as nice acupuncture session which can benefit your overall health. You can create a gravel walkway for yourself with the pebbles of the right size and your favourite colour as seen in this image.

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Which of the ideas did you find the most appealing?

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