14 creative ideas to effectively separate space

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Changing family dynamics, smaller living spaces, and higher land costs have lead to a change in the manner in which modern families use space. The once fixed format of spaces does not allow the desired flexibility and severely restricts the potential of the various spaces in the house. For example, an open plan living room which has the kitchen and the living room allows greater ventilation, space optimisation, as well as connection between the members who cook in the kitchen and members who are present in the living room. However, at the same times, it restricts the users from a clear demarcation of space as well as a hinders the privacy required to hide the mess in the kitchen.

In such a case, creative partitions can be very helpful. Not only do they separate space but also allow the necessary connection as well as privacy. Do you wish to see some creative examples? Read on further to see some of the works executed by our experts.

1. This living room is provided with a nice partition that is fabricated from thin steel members such that it can also act as a shelf

2. Wooden blinds to provide space separation as well as partial privacy

3. Full height partition that is cladded with mirrors to give the space a larger than actual appeal

4. Similar to the above wall that is cladded with mirrors, this wall is built in exposed concrete to give the living room a very classy look

5. This creative wall with its full length cutout gives the space a very creative feel and separates the living room from the dining space

6. An elegant living room that is provided with a large glass partition as well as full height curtains to separate the exterior courtyard from the interiors

7. Kitchen islands too can acts as effective space dividers

8. This kitchen is provided with a peppy yellow colored partition that gives the space a nice charm

9. This extremely well-done furniture element acts as an elegant space divider for the open plan living room

10. Colored walls to add a new dynamism as well as separate space

11. At times a single piece of furniture is enough to create an efficient space divide

12. This wood panelled wall acts as the main display wall for the living room as well as effectively separates the living space from the kitchen

13. A custom made furniture unit which allows the television set to rotate on a vertical axis

14. An elegant partition that allows space for closed cubicles as well as flower pots

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