13 ways to spice up a small kitchen

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Like the saying goes, Live life with a little spice!. We all want to make the kitchen look more homey and less like a hospital clinic, so why not spice things up? If you're having trouble decorating because you've got a limited space, then you've come to the right place. Today, Homify will teach you a few tips and tricks on designing a small kitchen. So come on over and let's get cookin'! 

1. A pop of color

What better way to spice up the kitchen than by adding a striking pop of colour? Red is perfect for the kitchen since it is a colour that triggers the appetite. 

2. At the center of an open space

As you can see, the kitchen is set up against a wall divider. Instead of cramping the kitchen into just one corner of the room, the architect decided to disperse other elements into different areas making it look well balanced and interesting. The choice of furniture and the use of light grey stone bricks also create a nice country style appeal.

3. Easy access to the laundry area

If you are currently doing the floor plan for your house, then I'm sure you're probably checking out how you could best utilise every inch of space that you have. In this layout, you will see a beautiful black half-french door connecting the kitchen to the laundry area. If you are a homemaker, having these two areas side by side is pretty much close to heaven.

4. turquoise details

Creating a small dainty kitchen can be tricky. People tend to add too much display that it starts to look tacky instead of dainty. By adding in just a hint of colour, like the use of turquoise in the small details like the planters and some outlines, and maybe even a statement piece like this dainty couch can do big wonders.

5. Wooden countertop

Mieszkanie w stylu skandynawskim Pasja Do Wnętrz Kitchen
Pasja Do Wnętrz

Mieszkanie w stylu skandynawskim

Pasja Do Wnętrz

Wooden countertops provide a warm homey vibe to the kitchen. Even with a small space, the kitchen can still look light and airy.

6. Rugged feel

Having a rough finished brick wall against white tiles and grey cabinets along a small kitchen makes the space look urban and industrial.

Having a romantic colour splashed into the kitchen makes makes the space very calm and relaxing. It's sure to inspire you to cook with passion.

8. Utilising dividers

The kitchen can be messy and having one along the living room and dining area can be a distracting sight. Having a functional divider in a small home not only hides the mess, but it also utilises the wall to hang the television. 

9. Arced countertop

Small or not, you can still find ways to be playful with the design of your kitchen. Here, the countertop is at an angle, making the area feel unconventional and stylish.

10. Kitchen at the front of the house

Having a kitchen that faces the front of the house is both unique and unprecedented. But for a homemaker, it would be a nice change because if you're spending a lot of time in the kitchen, then at least you get to easily see and welcome people inside.

For small houses, space is a luxury. So, why not create an additional space, or in this case, a mezzanine above your kitchen. Right after cooking you can bring the food on top while enjoying the view of the entire house.

12. Natural wood

Being creative with wood as accent is a wonderful and fresh look inside a kitchen. Stacking the different shades of wood to create a palette that is sleek and artistic. Also, along the right side you'll see that the wood attached to the wall is cut in a very organic and distinct way, evoking a whimsical vibe for the entire space.

13. Colourful backsplash

Brick material, plain black counters, and a backsplash that has different patterns create a wonderful statement. Even a small kitchen can make a big impact to the beauty of a home.

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