9 stunning compact kitchen ideas

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They say that the taste of the food is equivalent to how the chef feels while preparing it. So if the cook isn't in a good mood, then the food might not be as yummy. Likewise, if the cook is happy and inspired, then it would most likely be delicious! So to lift up that mood, why not design a kitchen that exudes the ambiance that is sure to make you feel inspired. I'm sure one of your main concerns about this is if that you don't have enough space because of the rural exodus that is prevalent nowadays. Cities are becoming all the more populated, and the value of real estate soar, but fret not! Even a small kitchen can be made stunning. Just like any part of the house, it too deserve to be decorated with just as much love, care and attention. Here's a few design ideas that can make a small kitchen become you very own slice of heaven.

1. A minimalist undertaking

The use of oak wood against white walls create a light and airy atmosphere. You can see that there's a low hanging panel that provides shelving as well as lighting for the work station. Lastly, a clean and uncluttered space will always be a welcome and gorgeous sight!

2. Versatile solutions

Obviously, with a small space, you have to know how to create versatile storage solutions. Here you'll see the counter on the right that can function as a workstation and a cabinet, it could also be used as a bar for quick meals. Above that is an open shelf bolted from the ceiling for additional storage space.

3. Harmonious of colours

Are you tired of the usual age-old kitchen design? Why not play with colours and patterns? A kitchen that looks harmonious. Even if the kitchen is small, it would still be a place that you would enjoy spending time in.

4. Make simplicity your friend and ally

In general a small apartment also means having a small kitchen. So it is essential not to accumulate kitchen items or it will end up as clutter. Just keep things in order and only keep what is essential.

5. Striking colours that break the space

Adding a striking colour to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house is a good way to compartmentalise the space. Also, having a sleek and stylish exhaust above the stove is a bonus!

6. A fully equipped kitchen

An equipped kitchen is very convenient as it often provides intelligent solutions for storage and cooking. Despite a higher cost for installation, its practicality and durability makes up for it.

7. Utilising the available space

It's time to be creative! Using bright colours on the wall and floor brightens up a small space. Adding in a partition that also functions as a bar or dining area also maximises the available space.

8. Easy to clean stainless steel countertops

Using steel countertops have some pretty cool advantages: they're resistant to water, heat and stains. This very hygienic surface doesn't harbour bacteria, mold and other common household germs as long as you regularly clean them. As for its heat resistance, you can feel free to put down your pots and pans without worrying of damaging the countertop. 

9. A view of nature

What is more relaxing than looking out to a beautiful nature view while cooking. It is sure to boost your spirit. You can also call in a member of your family to accompany you while cooking. That way you get to socialise while cooking.

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