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A family built a beautiful wooden house in countryside

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Built by our experts at Calet design, our today's idea book is about a charming 106 m² vacation house built in the beautiful Italian province of Corsalone. The house is predominantly built in locally available wood and stone with a view of keeping the overall costs of the house under the allocated budget. The house is also provided with a nice sloping roof and a beautiful balcony that overlooks the lush green forest. 

In this idea book we are presenting to you not only the final images of the house but also the images from during the time of construction. Excited to know more? Take a look…

The construction phase

The site, as we can see, is surrounded by tall green trees on all four sides. In this image we can see that the core structural framing of the house is almost complete and the external facade works are just about to begin.

Completing the external facade

During this phase, the external facade of the house was near completion. As you can see, wood was utilised as the primary construction element followed by stone.

The external insulation

Once the framework for the external facade was complete, the next step was to focus on the insulation of the main walls. The insulation can be seen in the form of black coating over the external wooden framework.

The internal walls

By opting for dry walls instead of the regular brick walls, the architects have managed to reduce the overall dead weight of the structure which in turn resulted in lower costs. The dry walls further allowed the users the flexibility to change the internal layout of the house at any time in the future.

The complete picture

After completing the main house, the architects turned their attention towards the external landscape. The space immediately adjacent to the house was provided with a stone paving which could also act as a nice outdoor terrace while the space beyond it was provided with a nice green lawn such that it blends with the surrounding landscape.

The bedroom

The beautiful wooden shell creates a perfect setting for a warm and cozy bedroom. One of the best features of the space is that it stays relatively cooler during the summers and offers excellent living conditions during the harsh winters. In order to keep the overall costs low, the architects have opted for simple yet aesthetically appealing furniture elements.

The large windows

As we can see from the exteriors images, the architects have provided nice large cutouts that allow plenty of natural light into the space. The windows are further provided with full height curtains with a view of allowing greater control over the intensity of natural light entering the space. Further, we also liked the sleek colour combination of wood with the blue coloured chair, the peppy green coloured bed, as well as the wall behind it.

The terrace

This is one of our favourite spaces in the house. The architects have provided a nice terrace on the first floor and have installed it with a sleek wooden flooring as well as some comfortable outdoor furniture for an enhanced experience.

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