7 blissful makeover ideas for small balconies

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Balconies make up the small outdoor living spaces for most apartments. Sadly, these balconies are hardly utilised and are often left sloppy, idle, and is sometimes filled with clutter like they were a long forgotten area of the house. It is truly astonishing that our balconies are so neglected even when we love spending time in the open air. So why don't we do something about it for once? Let's change thing up a bit and see how we can decorate the balcony as part of our living space.

Whether you want to add a sitting area, some greeneries, and maybe some decorations, it's all up to you as long as you love how it looks and it's the kind of space that you could relax in. Here are 7 examples of balconies that have been beautifully transformed. It is sure to inspire you into creating a joyful corner without having to spend much.

After: Moroccan makeover

See how lively the balcony turned into by just adding in a raffia floor matting with a beautiful pattern, some white and turquoise cushions and some decorations: hanging planters at the perimeter of the railing, a few pots with white flowers, candles, a raffia wall decor that matches the flooring and a wooden lamp.

After: The smaller the cozier!

You can do so much even with a smaller balcony. Here, you'll see a grill with a tray beside it that is perfect for barbecue nights! Below it, the rustic wooden flooring creates that warm outdoorsy vibe against the black and white stripe details that cover the railings. The ottoman and the table on the other hand are both elegant pieces that are also well chosen to fit the space.

After: Creating a sunroom

There's such a big difference when you change a cement/tiled floor into wooden floorboards. That alone can reincarnate a dull space. But of course, adding other design elements such as the partially tiled walls, a wicker seat set and a warm lit ceiling fan to match the cozy atmosphere.

After: A rooftop retreat

This terrace with a wooden deck has become a paradise garden with stylish furniture. A nice sitting area, a parasol, and a floor mattress where you can lay down and gaze at the stars. The removable mattresses can be easily cleaned and further protected with a waterproofing spray. 

Balcony 5: Before

After: A green and refreshing escape

Being cramped indoors can make one feel restless, so if you have a decent balcony space then why not try this! Let's start with the patch of green flooring, there are numerous available shops where you could buy faux grass that is low maintenance and could easily fit perfectly in your balcony. It created that feeling of actually owning a garden where you can set up your plants. Adding in a wooden planter with shelves also adds a creative look into the space. then there's the wooden flooring with pebbles along the corner to make it feel like an actual garden.

After: Beach flair

Transforming this barren space into a fun-under-the-sun beach style getaway is a very interesting design. White wood flooring, white slat walls, chaise seats, a set of tables and chairs and some wooden crates for additional seating. At the far end is a water feature that is in-keeping with the nautical feel and for some shade, there is a wooden pole where stretch fabric hangs whimsically. This also covers the area from the peering eyes of the neighbouring buildings. 

After: A dainty hideaway

The retro-coloured carpet works beautifully against the brightness of the space. Some summery colours like the yellow side table a and the blue and turquoise pillows. A few garden chairs with tufted cushions and a faux animal hide. Then of course, adding in flower planters, a gardening hat as a wall decor and a few hanging lamps to make the night extra romantic.

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