7 economical options to change the floor of your house

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Atelier Plural Rustic style walls & floors
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The floors and walls of your house are elements that should have a good finish, since they are always in full view. They can be made from the most expensive materials like marble, but there are also inexpensive options that can look interesting and well-finished. The combination of materials, especially on floors, from cement to stone or ceramic, give you great finishes without spending a lot. You don’t have to invest much in them the but the result is good, like the nice and cheap floors that you will see in this homify article. Review these examples with us and make a note in your diary so it will help you to choose floors for your new home or when you are remodeling your existing one.

These projects that we show you use great combinations of materials, including inexpensive cement and adhesives that imitate tiles, as well as other options to fill your home with style without spending a lot. Enjoy the 7 examples that we present to you in this article!

1. Wood and concrete slabs with stones

Piso do Estar Atelier Plural Rustic style walls & floors
Atelier Plural

Piso do Estar

Atelier Plural

On this  terrace, where the wooden deck is slightly raised from the floor level, the rest of the terrace floor has been constructed with concrete slabs with stone separations match the colour of the wood. The shades of wood and stone are in perfect harmony, presenting a simple but very warm floor.

2. Printed vinyl floor in the rustic kitchen

A novelty in the use of vinyl is its self-adhesive property, which achieves the same effect as ceramic when it is stuck on the floor surface. However, the cost difference is extremely interesting, and with the guarantee of durability on the floor of the room… we can only say good, nice and cheap.

3. Cement tiles with geometric divisions

Borgo Merlassino & Mosaic del Sur cement tiles homify Hotels Tiles White

Borgo Merlassino & Mosaic del Sur cement tiles


An interesting example of a floor that will bring a lot of personality to  your home, is cement is combined with geometric divisions to form beautiful patterns. It’s easy to install, and when finished, its surface is smooth and reflects the light in the room, giving a feel of greater amplitude in the area.

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4. An original floor for the bedroom

A wide and colorful carpet covers this floor. It offers easy maintenance, since it is made of rubber. It introduces texture, and the boys will love lying on it. It is colorful, very practical, and you can easily dismantle it for deep cleaning.

5. Floor of clay

This floor built with red clay tiles is a good option. In addition to being economical, you can lay it in a  pattern and make the color play a significant role in the room.

6. Smooth burnt cement floor for the bathroom

This burnt cement floor has an interesting finish, with its smooth texture and light color giving a spacious feel to the bathroom, which is enhanced by the reflection of the lamps. It’s an excellent solution that is easy to achieve.

7. Stone for the backyard

In the patio of your house, you can also have a floor that adds personality, like this one with stone modules that are easily placed, durable and easy to maintain, besides having a pleasing appearance.

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