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7 modern kitchens with strong and bright colors

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Your kitchen is a perfect place to get creative with bright colors. Whether you want a rustic and cosy feel or a modern and sleek look, mixing and matching colors can bring a fun touch to the heart of your home. 

Since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, the backsplashes, countertops, cabinets and decorations for this space will need to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we’ve gathered 7 examples of beautiful and bright kitchens that are both playful and functional. Are you ready to brighten the heart of your home? Then let these 7 examples of colorful and modern kitchens inspire you!

1. This green kitchen is both retro and rustic

If you’re still unsure about using bold and bright colors in your kitchen then take a note from this simple design. The owners opted for earthy green cabinets which bring a retro feel into their kitchen, and it also happens to be a great accent color to the light wood ceiling. 

To really add a punch to your space consider using a door as your focal point like this beautiful copper one!

2. Modern with a yellow twist

This kitchen is anything but mellow. The gorgeous yellow cabinets bring the open layout kitchen to life and the white “metro” tiles are a perfect way to tie the overall space together.  

The neutral appliances and chic lighting make the yellow cabinets feel modern and inviting. This is a perfect place to prepare and enjoy a meal with family and friends. 

3. Red brings out the best in this kitchen

This eye-catching kitchen used cherry red cabinets to bring the best out of the brick accent wall!  The result: a modern kitchen that is both fun and bold!

4. A great example of mixing bold colors

With deep purple cabinets and a splash of geometric tiles, this kitchen brings a whole new meaning to bold and beautiful. The cabinet design adds additional texture to the space making it look and feel larger than it actually is. White countertops also provides more light to the space giving the dark purple and the overall kitchen a sense of brightness. 

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5. Match tile, brick, and granite like a pro

Who said you can’t match three types of textures in a kitchen? This is a perfect example of choosing the right colors and features to pull off this look. The mustard yellow cabinets pair well with the dark teal accent wall and blue tiles, while the brick oven brings warmth to the granite countertops. 

The white backsplash rounds out the look making the kitchen feel eclectic but not cluttered.

6. Use bright colors to compliment dark wood features

We’ve shared examples of red cabinets working with brick, but how about red cabinets working with wood! 

In this kitchen the owners did not shy away from color.  The white walls and steel appliances make this kitchen feel cool and inviting without washing out the dark wood floors.

7. Replicate farmhouse chic like this gorgeous kitchen

Don’t rush to cover those old plaster walls! Instead, find inspiration from this farmhouse style kitchen to bring a fresh appeal to your home. Match bright accent colors like this mosaic blue island to unique appliances and funky furniture to make the space feel practical and decorative.

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