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A small apartment can easily be decorated to follow the latest trends. One of which is a hipster style home which is distinctly set apart from the cultural/traditional mainstream designs. Today, Millennials are paving the way of the future and is creating their own brand and relevance in this ever changing world. Always on the lookout for what is new and fresh in today's fast-paced societal norm. There is that going back to basics motif where we crave for the works of artisans, of which, are currently being embraced and brought into the limelight.

Check out these design elements that can make your home look unique and cool!

2. White brick wall

The white painted brick walls make the space feel like a hybrid of retro and country style. It is a stand alone feature that is beautiful on its own.

1. Refreshing design

See how the large glass window can make an entire place look light and airy! The atmosphere also matches humble planter made of dried woven abaca leaves. There's also the graphic printed curtains that make the space look interesting. As for the light coloured flooring, some new trends range from different materials such as bamboo, cork, and wire-brushed wood floors. There's also options of having a matte finished wood, diagonal/angled layout of flooring, the use of reclaimed wood, and even an option for having an engineered wood which is a thin layer of hardwood veneer layer on top of plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF).

3. Statement pieces

The hipster style painting of a dog with glasses and a colourful sweater and the teal coloured armchair both make an awesome design statement and are also interesting conversation pieces for entertaining guests. There's also the white lamp light, a striped mat carpet, a sleek white couch and an industrial style side table elements which bring more spunk into the room. 

4. Deer elements and a chest drawers with vintage appeal

When you look at hipster styled shops, there will always be a deer designed art piece. This framed artsy sketch really fits well with the overall theme of the apartment. Then there's also the mix of vintage-country looking pieces like this chest drawer with disparate soft colours and classic printed texts. An interesting and beautiful item that has so much character.

5. Bold wallpapers

The use of a graphic striped wall design visually separated the dining area from the living room space. There is also the horizontally laid mirror which breaks the stiffness of the lines. There are also industrial designed tables and chairs and a geometric shaped lamp that beautifully compliments the entire space.

6. Unique designed tools for cooking

Light coloured wood counters, a white sleek induction stove, some herbs in tin cans and some retro style pans are all perfectly in sync with the hipster atmosphere.

7. Mint green details

Mint green colour is also a very hipster pantone. Adding in a few details with this hue brings a light refreshing and fun flavour to any space.

8. Shapes and textures

Interesting square graphic and textured wall with a round vanity mirror, a sleek white sink, a shower area with curved glass opening, and lastly, an industrial style light fixture. The space may be small, but it doesn't lack in style.

9. Sliding glass door leading to the bedroom

The simple bedroom has a beautiful sliding glass door that saves space, opening a traditional door often takes up an arc of space that could sometimes bump into other furniture.

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