The 12 best places to hide money at home

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It's really hard to trust nowadays, especially with money matters. There's so many schemes such as hacking, skimming, phishing and so on, that there's no sure way to protecting our hard-earned savings. There are those who have the luxury of having a safe in their home, but in case you don't have one, then let Homify show you these 12 convenient ways where you can hide your money. Like they say, don't put all your eggs in one basket, right? In case of an emergency, it's always better to think ahead and be prepared. 

1. In the middle of a book

Choose an old book that you no longer want to read or want to save and cut a hole in the middle by cutting pages to create a box for the money. Then return together with the other books and, of course, do not forget to choose a specific book that nobody will read and to keep in mind what book it was.

2. Inside the fridge

You can hide your money in an airtight bag in the fridge. The idea is to place it in the back of the refrigerator in a large Tupperware box or old plastic ice box so it is not noticeable.

2. Inside a sock

In the wardrobe is not really a good idea. But then again, would a thief go through the trouble of checking each pair of you socks? A stack of banknotes can easily be pushed underneath a sock, making it hardly felt. It would be advisable to divide it across different socks. And keep your money in different places other than inside your socks to spread the risk (just take a mental note to remember where you placed the of course!).

3. In a double ceiling of your animal shelter

When you have a pet, your pet's cage is also a good place to hide some cash. Paste an envelope with tape against the ceiling that contains some banknotes. Do not of course do this in your rodent's cage! And keep your IDs in a safe place, lessen the risk by not putting them in your handbag!

4. In a plant pot or vase

Place the banknotes in an airtight bag on the side in a plant pot. Make sure the bag is really air and waterproof! The idea is to place the envelope in such a way that it is not visible and as little as possible with water. You can also store an envelope in a glass jar of macaroni that you will not use.

6. Another corner in your kitchen

The kitchen has so many nooks and crannies that can be used to hide those savings. In addition to the fridge, the vegetable basket is another feasible option. With the help of an airtight bag or an envelope, you can put the money in these trays under a basket of onions or potatoes.

7. In a shoe

Like socks, shoes are also unpleasant to look into. Choose shoes that you wear the least, also the one with a design that is less flashy. This truly is one of the oldest trick in the book.

8. In the children's room

One of the least tempting area in the house for an intruder is that of a child or a baby's room. So in this space there are a lot of possible hiding places your money. Put it in a garment, toy, in a mobile, toy box or other things. Be creative.

9. Buried in the garden

If you have a lot of sand or stone tiles in your garden then these can be good places to hide your cash. Place it under some earth, in the sand or inside a broken light fixture/lantern. Make sure you remember the place by place a marker like a distinct rock so you know where the money is hidden. And, of course, pack it sealed and waterproofed.

10. In a sports device

If you have some sports equipment at home then these often have hollow spaces inside or at the bottom where you can hide something. If you hide something in an envelope, make sure that it is as small as possible. For example, by placing it with a black device in a black plastic bag before sticking it up with tape. The less noticeable, the better!

11. In an empty bottle

A wine rack is also an excellent place to hide some money. Place a clean empty bottle of wine in the rack where you place a dark plastic bag with some money in it and then place the cork on it and put the bottle back in the wine rack. 

12. In a staircase

A false staircase or place under the floorboard or in a picture frame hanging from the wall is also a good idea to store your savings. Create a staircase with a discrete opening for this purpose. If you are a talented carpenter, remember this suggestion. 

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