18 excellent design ideas for your balcony! | homify Which balcony design appealed to your style preference the most?

18 excellent design ideas for your balcony!

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Summer has arrived! It's the season where we get to spend more time in open spaces such as the beach, the garden and even the balcony. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little bit more because you deserve it! So how about we cozy up the balcony with some decorations? Of course, Homify has your design needs covered! Get inspiration from these 18 featured balconies.

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1. Here are before and after pictures of a large balcony. By simply rearranging the greenery and placing them onto a vertical planter box and adding pebbles and faux grass for that wonderful garden feel.

2. If you enjoy entertaining guests, then how about taking them to the balcony for some fresh air while basking under a starry night. Go ahead and get quirky by placing some unique furniture designs.

3. How about adding a bar along the ledge of your balcony? Installing a counter with some bar stools where you could enjoy the city view. Laying out faux grass also makes the balcony feel more outdoorsy.

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM Design Spirits Modern style balcony, porch & terrace
Design Spirits

Ultramodern Loft | CONDOMINIUM

Design Spirits

4. The best way to add some freshness to indoor balconies is to make use of natural materials. In this example, bamboo matting was added to the wall with some small pots of flowers.

5. You do not need to buy expensive furniture to make your balcony attractive. Get creative! Here you'll see an antique suitcase that is repurposed as a bench and is made cozy by pillows with images of dogs.

6. Balcony which is the best model for balconies design suitable for traditional stone houses. Red wooden doors and wrought iron balconies create a nostalgic atmosphere.

7. If you want to have spring freshness every season in your balcony, definitely grow flowers. Especially if you are going to use colorful flowers, you can paint the balcony to emphasize more.

8. The best method for designing the maximum seating area on a relatively large flat is the model of the adjacent seat. In this example we see an L-shaped seating area.

9. Wrought iron garden sets are always the best option for outdoor spaces in terms of durability. It is something that can be handed down from generation to generation.

10. Now this is something you're going to love! A balcony kitchen! You really don't need to be holed up in some corner of a gloomy kitchen! Also, your home won't smell like smoke or food while cooking!

11. Adding geometric art pieces made of durable materials is a real eye-catching beauty that brings uniqueness to the space.

12. Placing some vernacular details like the bamboo trellis and divider provides a humble and cozy atmosphere.

13. If your balcony has no space for pots. You can equip the entire ledge with planters that could be easily hanged.

Girl and the cat BLACKHAUS Modern style gardens Wood Green

Girl and the cat


14. Here's a kitchen and dining area in the balcony that is closed off by glass panels. This would be a nice modification for homes with centralised air conditioning.

15. You can make use of statement furnitures with striking colours like these red armchair and couch along the balcony ledge.

16. For a more mediterranean appeal, you can use natural materials such as wood, straw and bamboo. You can even make it fun by adding a cushioned swing set.

17. Small balconies can be as dynamic and attractive as a large one. A modish black and white design with a functional barbecue grill on the ledge.

18. Our last example is a slim and long indoor balcony area. The advantage of indoor balconies is that they offer more options for decoration. More comfy cushions can be added without the fear of having them too dirty or weather-beaten.

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