Ideas to make your spaces unique using simple IKEA furniture

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Most people have heard of the furniture giant Ikea! Aimed at providing affordable and easily assembled furniture, it is undeniable that Ikea products are very practical and versatile, apart from any criticism they may have. Although Ikea pieces are mass produced, it is possible to furnish or decorate using Ikea and still create warm and unique spaces. 

The secret is using Ikea furniture in new and different ways! We'll show you how to make your rooms feel one-of-a-kind and welcoming with the 9 examples below.

1. Scandinavian Style

We love how Ikea’s furniture is both transformable and complimentary with each other. In this room, the Ikea FRIHETEN sofa is multipurpose because by day the piece is used as a sofa and at night transforms into a comfortable double bed. The color palette of the sofa pairs well with the patterned pillows which are also from Ikea, and the natural wood dining table. The original ceiling lamp also adds a minimalistic element that perfectly combines and contributes to the Scandinavian style of the room.

2. Sofas and lamps

In this room we find classic, modern and even industrial pieces, paired with two iconic Ikea furniture:—the EKTORP sofa and the PHOTO lamp. 

The white color palette allows you to incorporate pieces from a variety of backgrounds and styles without the room becoming cluttered, and the strong blue accents work by contrast unifying the style. It is easy to see that this is a unique space even with the Ikea parts used!

3. Corner tables

Who does not have a LACK corner table from Ikea in their home? With a simple design, super affordable and easy to assemble, these tables are perfect to incorporate decorations in various styles, and in almost any color. Combined with modern furniture, or classic pieces, LACK tables make it easy to style a room in a discreet and functional way.

4. Modern chairs

With beige curtains, a simple bed, and two Ikea POANG chairs, this room is beautifully designed with soft neutral tones. The POANG chairs bring a modern touch and sense of elegance to the room, making it hard to tell that they are from Ikea!

5. Multipurpose shelves

The Ikea KALLAX shelves can be used for a wide range of purposes and can be tailored to be both functional and versatile. They’re the perfect solution to display decorations or store pesky electronics, and great for small or large spaces!

6. Dresser for storage

The Ikea MALM dresser is the answer to your wardrobe storage needs!

Perfect for bedrooms or closets, the MALM drawers are both practical and discreet, just be mindful to bolt the drawers to a wall to ensure their stability. Like the example in this picture, you can pair the MALM dresser with other furniture brands to create unique and personalized spaces.

7. Ikea pieces make this room

You can always choose to highlight the pieces from IKEA and build the whole environment around you! This is what design professionals have done in this room with all the furniture in the Ikea HEMNES collections, which has been beautifully combined with neutral colored textiles and a jute rug to create a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

8. Highlight the accessories

This is a room almost entirely designed using IKEA furniture, but completely unique to the homeowners! We recognized the Ikea BYAS TV stand, the RADVIKEN armchair, the LACK table and EKTORP cushion to the left. To personalize the room, the owners used decorative accessories like original cushions and a bright floral arrangement to make the atmosphere feel light and welcoming, tailored to its owners needs.

9. Well-built details

In this example, instead of using Ikea furniture the homeowners used Ikea accessories like the RIBBA frames to bring personality to the room. Using Ikea decorative elements in a room can be both appealing and an affordable solution to bring more character to your home!

Looking for more examples to furnish and decorate your home? Look at these 24 interior design hacks you need to know .

What's your favorite Ikea furniture or decoration? Tell us in the comments below. 

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