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13 charming, original and easy to copy entrances

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The entrance should be the most inviting space in any home. Why? Because it's the first point of contact as the guest enters your abode, thus, setting the grounds for first impressions. For the inhabitants as well as for the guests, having a beautiful entranceway sets the tone for the entire space. As soon as one crosses the threshold, you'd want them to feel warmly welcomed, and lucky for you, there are in fact practical ways in decorating them. The possibilities are endless! Here, Homify has selected 13 charming entrances that could inspire you copy for your home. Let's see which of these entrance designs will perfectly fit your taste and the vibe of your home.

1.Optimizing the space

This entrance area is fashioned with grey tones. For small homes, there is a way for the space under the staircase to be optimised. It is quite possible to install a small office area in an entryway or a corridor under a staircase as with this modern study and once closed, will only take very minimal place.  


The beauty of this entrance rests mainly on the visible stones, which provides stature and character. The decor plays the bold card with a large round mirror with a black imposing frame above a modern piece of furniture with elegant curved lines made of metal.

3.A sober entrance

Here is an entryway with a completely different style. The white walls and the light coloured parquet floor make it a luminous and sober space. The bench is both practical and beautiful as it allows you to put on and take off your shoes comfortably while it also functions as a decorative piece for the entryway. The mirror designs allow one to take a quick look at oneself and check out their outfit before leaving.

4.Bright and open to the outside

This entrance design plays with different materials and textures. A wall with large stones, a wide bay window that overlooks the foliage and the trees, and a grey slab flooring that bring elegance to the whole place. Illuminating floor lamps complement the natural light and contemporary look as you walk into this beautiful home.

5.An openwork staircase

In this entrance, the floor and the black matte wall give the room warmth. Its most prominent feature would be the openwork staircase that is quite captivating and elegant. The modish design also blends very well with the glass lamp fixture. Here, too, the space under the staircase has been optimised by adding in a chest of drawers that can serve as extra storage.

6.Well decorated

In this entrance, the homeowners have hung a set of frames that makes the place homey. A simple idea that easily transforms the spirit of the place.

7.A cozy entry

Adding wall decals is an excellent way to bring originality to a room. Here the association of white with hints of colours, makes this space whimsical and elegant. Finally, the wall shelf makes it possible to optimise the space where the dispays can also be a good topic for conversation. 


Using patterned wallpaper to dress the space wonderfully complements it's surrounding elements. There's the semi-circle structured table, beautiful teardrop-shaped mirrors and some decors, namely the turquoise and white pots, and of course, the bluish pastel tint of the door—all these exude a dainty and pleasant atmosphere. This shows how accent furnitures and accessories are all essential to create a beautiful entrance.

9.Sober and functional

With the use of a wall decor, coat hooks, two supports that serve as shelves without eating space simply makes this entry is both sober and functional.

10.A bold entrance

The combination of a wooden and metal staircase with an honeycomb motif wallpaper makes this entrance a design space with contemporary lines. Moreover the wooden bench and the red dog figurine combines the old and the new, brewing an original and stylish decoration.

11.A colorful entry

By painting a wall in a bright colours, like in this picture, you give liveliness to a space. Here the preppy yellow colour makes this entryway a cheerful and fun home that anyone would love to come home to.


Having an anteroom along the entrance of your home is quite beneficial. This is where people take off their coats or hang their umbrellas or take off their dirty boots before entering your home. In this entrance, the french-style door and enclosing provide class and sophistication to the home.

13.Design and industrial style

Finally, we present a totally transformed entryway that shows how a different arrangement can radically change how the home can look. Before, the entrance was a little cold and bare. With the addition of a divider and two fine shelves, the has transformed into a beautiful and warm space. Moreover, its industrial look makes it much more welcoming and attractive than it used to be. 

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