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Genius solutions for crowded houses: 10 exemplary photos!

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If you are trying to fit a large family into a house that is not quite as spacious, then it's high time that you consider using modular and multi-functional furnitures to maximise your space. Do not start decorating without thoroughly examining these furnishings which will enable you to decorate the house in the most accurate and complete manner. 

In this article we will present some stylish examples of furniture models you will need when decorating your crowded house. These beautiful furnishings will add elegance and functionality to your home. Feel free to read through the article for suggested solutions to your storage problem.

A versatile set of furniture

Hidden roll-out bed models are perfect for creating extra bed space for guests when needed. Even for crowded homes, this small children's room could accommodate two kids.

Dual purpose

Beddings like this can easily be transformed into a sitting area during the day. Under the bed can be a chest storage or maybe even an extra cushion bed for guests. These types of furniture are stylish and are extremely useful. Multi-purpose furniture sets are smart solutions that will help you save on space.

Kitchen pantry!

With modular kitchen designs, we can say that kitchen decorations are now much more functional and practical. This design is perfect for homes that lack of traditional recessed pantry cabinets in small houses. Inside the pantry is also a pull-out table with built-in wheels to transport ingredients, dishes and cutleries or even use it as extra counter space while cooking. Hanging on the right door of the pantry, there is also a chalkboard where you can conveniently write your shopping list. 

Custom made furniture

The best way to solve the problem of having a crowded home is to invest in special design furniture. Even if the furnishings you are buying are going to be functional, stylish and practical, there is still a possibility that it won't fully match the design and architectural characteristics of your house.

As such, designs that fit perfectly with the dimensions of the room will make them both useful and stylish.

You will be amazed by this storage solution!

This room, which belongs to a small apartment house, is completely covered with wooden cabinets, creating an extraordinary solution. Other than standard vertical storage, you may opt for this floor compartment storage space. The room is elevated with just one simple step that is sturdy as would a normal platform. Here, you'll see how even your floor space can maximised.

Combined furniture

Combining or integrating furniture functions is one of the ideal solutions for narrow spaces and crowded families. This solution will fit all the furniture you need in one corner. At the base of the bed are compartments with a 3-step stairs that also functions as storage and beside the bed is a shelf that is used as a divider for additional privacy. You can check AIDAHO Inc. for a closer look.

A different example of unified furniture

This double deck bed has a built in study table and multiple shelf space that's perfect for families with children.

Do not even leave the steps empty!

You can try different ways to meet the need for storage space in your home. These stylish steps used in the entrance actually have built in cabinets that perfectly fits your shoes. This minimal design is sleek and really handy.

Ideal solution for crowded families: Dressing room

If you have an extra room that can be used as a dressing room, you can solve all your storage problems by equipping the room with cupboards, shelves and drawers. Decorated with stylish glass cabinets, this dressing room is indeed quite a luxury to have.

Wall-mounted wardrobes

Whether you have a dressing room or not, you can fundamentally solve the problem of house storage with wall-mounted wardrobes. Designed specifically to cover an entire wall. These models are multi-purpose and can be loaded with the bulk of all the households different storage needs.

For more tips on storage solutions: Storage ideas to keep your apartment organized

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