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7 simple ideas to beat the summer heat

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Summer is here! When the temperature soars to over 40 degrees in certain towns and cities, only a lucky few have the luxury of heading to their vacation home in the hills. For those, who are stuck in the urban areas, it’s vital to stay cool when you are at home. Being in an air-conditioned environment may seem like the best solution, but since summers usually come with power outages, everyone needs a few simple tips for staying as cool as possible.

When you are building a house, get help from an architect to include a few cooling features in your home.

1. Natural fabrics

Whether it’s the living room sofa or bed linen, natural fabrics help to keep you cool during summer. Use cotton bed sheets to sleep comfortably at night. Faux-leather or synthetic material on the sofas and loungers can be uncomfortable during summer when power outages occur. If you don’t want to reupholster your furniture, getting slip covers made in natural, breathable fabrics is a simple solution.

2. An oasis

After - Accent tables add charm to the green space. Studio Earthbox Eclectic style balcony, porch & terrace
Studio Earthbox

After—Accent tables add charm to the green space.

Studio Earthbox

Whether it’s on your terrace, balcony or living room, create a green zone using a combination of plants, including palms and creepers that can serve as natural curtains to keep out the sharp rays of the sun from heating up the area. Additionally, having a water feature such as a fountain can cool down the area or at least trick your mind into believing it. In your terrace, set up an automatic mister that will keep your plants hydrated. You too will enjoy the fine spray of mist.

3. Sunshades and umbrellas

Just as you use an umbrella to protect yourself when you step out into the sun, fixing sunshades over the windows that face the west and covering an open terrace with a bamboo pergola or a thatched roof can keep the house much cooler. This is especially useful in eliminating the oven-like feeling in the rooms of the upper floor that have their ceilings baked all day by the sun.

4. Curtains and blinds

Large Bay Window with blinds and curtains Style Within Living room Beige
Style Within

Large Bay Window with blinds and curtains

Style Within

While natural light is essential in every home, during the summer, it’s best to keep it to a bare minimum. Get blinds or blackout curtains for your windows, and close them during the day to block out the sunlight and keep the room cool. It will also help your air-conditioning to work more efficiently.

5. Refreshing water

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roof top swimming pool


If you have a pool in your backyard or on the terrace, a swim in the morning and evening can help to cool down your body and leave you feeling refreshed. If you don’t have one, an inflatable pool on the terrace or in the garden is a clever way to keep your kids happy and cool. Alternatively, get a powerful shower panel or a rain shower fixed in your bathroom to cool down before bedtime.

6. Give the stove a break

Every time you light the stove, it generates heat. Therefore, cooking less during summer can help to make the air-conditioning more efficient and keep your room cooler.  Change your menu in the summer months so that it includes fresh salads or no-cook dishes that can be prepared without turning on the gas. Consider grilling food in the outdoors using a portable barbecue.

7. Ventilation

Don’t forget to provide good ventilation so that the warm air can be flushed out of your room when you open the windows in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze.

For more tips on staying cool during summer, see this ideabook.

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