12 picture-perfect pergolas for your garden!

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As we know, pergolas are structures that can be formed with beams made of wood, concrete, metal, steel and bamboo. They can be installed in different places: the yard, garden, terrace, balcony and garage. You could say that it's quite a common item found in many architectural projects because it makes the home feel more cozy, in addition to creating an interesting transition area for the exterior of your house.

Pergolas offer very little shade, but you may opt to install a tinted tempered glass protection or have vines crawl overhead so you get a bit more shade while still allowing natural light in. This romantic detail is a perfect element for a relaxing lounge area where you can enjoy the company of family and friends.

Here are 12 of the most beautiful pergolas that you can get inspiration from! 

1. Wooden pergolas are the most popular type, it provides a cozy area for your outdoor space. Just make sure the wood has had a special treatment conducive for the harsh outdoor elements.

2. A fiberglass-covered pergola to provide shade onto the hot tub. A wonderful and relaxing space indeed!

3. Placing a white coloured pergola with the beautiful view of the lake—a romantic and refreshing atmosphere!

4. Now, if you do not want any accessories, just bet on the natural style of wood!

5. Here, the pergola has a flowering tree inside, it has warm lighting and soft fabrics—a beautiful and warm environment!

6. A quaint wooden pergola surrounded by lush vegetation and a wall filled with vines.

7. A pergola with fiberglass protection can constructed along the porch of a villa.

8. A traditional pergola model for an outdoor yard with a wooden deck.

9. There is no ideal size for pergolas, everything depends on the space in which the structure will be constructed.

10. In addition to the wood material, classic white pillars can also be used to match the aesthetics of the house. Adding in flowering plants also create a dramatic effect.

11. Here we have two different structures: one open and one with a fiberglass roof.

12. An ideal decoration for the garden where the family can enjoy good conversations as the night falls and the stars come out.

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