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A Delightful Apartment Renovation in Vigo

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Castroferro Arquitectos Living room
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On the fifth floor of a 60's apartment building in Vigo, Spain, Castroferro Architects have eloquently reconfigured the original 140 square meter compartmentalised plan. With a ceiling height of 2.5 meters, the individual rooms leading off the blind corridor were once poky and disjointed. Breaking open the interior space, the architects have created a wonderful open plan social space that is only delimited by the arrangement of furniture. 

The living space wraps around the front facade of the building, allowing ample natural light to permeate the home during the day. The bedrooms are located along the opposite side of the building, which looks out onto the internal courtyard. The use of large cavity sliding doors allow the master bedroom and the children's bedroom to be opened onto and integrated with the living spaces of the home, when desired. These two zones of the home, social and private, are mediated by a full-height storage division with a cement-like finish. let's take a look!  

The dialogue between user and space

And, what beautiful feature it is! It provides ample amounts of storage and the textured finish offsets the white walls and ceiling. So often, architectural imagery presents projects as objects frozen in time and flux, making it difficult to appreciate them as more than a representation of an idea. Here, the multiple exposure captures movement and action—a dialogue is established between actor and stage, user and space. 

The social spaces of the home

Taking a step back, we begin to garner a sense of the of the whole. The various social zones gather around different anchors; the first living space orients itself around the wall-hung television, the dining space is identified by the suspended pendant light, while the secondary sitting area wraps around the corner. The colour palette is thoughtful and refined; natural timbers add a warmth to the space, the textured grey couch takes its cue from the storage unit, and the red visually punctuates the space. 

Office on the green

Here, we can see the secondary sitting space that wraps around the corner and delimits the study/office space. In this instance, it is the green rug that acts as an anchor and punctuates the space. The all-white furniture slips into the white backdrop, allowing the bright earthy hue to take centre stage. The recess to the left of the image is where the large cavity slider, shielding the children's bedroom, is located. For more office space inspiration, take a look at these varied examples!

The children's bedroom

When the cavity slider is slid back to reveal the bedroom, a seamless transition is created between social and private. The children can be playing in their room, while still supervised by a parent at work in the office. The colour palette expands in this space to incorporate some bright and playful hues that make it feel. For more bedroom ideas, take a look here

The master bedroom

The master bedroom reverts back to a simpler colour palette; timber, white and the odd black accent. Clever storage devices are utilised in this room also, maintaining the clutter-free aesthetic. An adjoining en-suite is tucked away behind the panel with same the cement-like finish employed in the living area. This bedroom is simple and minimal, but everything you need in a space of repose. 

If you enjoyed this delightful apartment by Castroferro Architects, then take a look here for another tour through one of their wonderful apartment renovations in Vigo!

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