13 exterior floor ideas for your entryway

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The floor of the exterior entrance of the house is an integral part in the the setting of the facade. The choice of material, colour and arrangement, will of course depend on the overall style of the house. Also taking into account, the dimensions and elevation of the house.

 In today's article, Homify will show you 13 cool ideas that could inspire and guide you with design choice for your entrance flooring.

1. The cobblestone

The use of cobblestone dates for over 25 centuries, being a material of millenary tradition. It is very resistant to weather changes, and can withstand both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Add to that, it is also an economical alternative,  while also providing great value for money for its aesthetics.

2. Being a heavy transit area, the floor must be made of a durable material

Exterior floors should be of good quality materials that withstand the climatic conditions like cold, heat and rain. One of the best options is concrete. It is very resistant and also gives a contemporary aesthetic to the facade of the house.

3. Wood is always a good choice

Wood floors provide an elegant design for the house, whether inside or outside. This is an example a rustic, warm and refined design. See how the pathways is elevated a and lit from underneath.

4. Making spectacular combinations that provide texture for the entrance of the house

To give a striking effect to the floor of the entrance of the house, you can play with various types of finishes; In this example we can see wood for the warm touch, the grass that reinforces the naturalness of the facade and a concrete corridor that emphasises the contemporary style of the house.

5. Stone flooring are always your best bet

Stone has been used in construction for thousands of years; It is extremely resistant and looks good in different architectural styles. There is a great variety of colours and shapes to choose from that best fit the aesthetics of your property. Here we can appreciate a design in volcanic grey stone, and with the variety of shades, makes the entrance look elegant and refined.

6. Another fantastic example of how good the stone looks on the floor of the entrance of the house

The stone is tough and very decorative, but you can further enhance its illuminated beauty the floor as you can see in this image.

7. The elegance of marble

Aside from volcanic stones we can also choose to place slabs of marble flooring that will certainly achieve that refined appearance. Thanks to its variety of colour, you can give light and brightness to the entrance choosing a tone like the one you can see in this design. The combination of colours in the entrance will make each element stand out spectacularly.

8. Brick as traditional material

The brick will look sensational in rustic style homes besides being an economic option for the exterior floor of the house.

9. Ceramic floors

Ceramic floors exude a traditional aesthetic to the entrance of the house, providing a warm and cozy feeling. These types of floors are also an excellent choice for rustic style homes.

10. A spectacular mud floor

These mud floors are warm, elegant and do not require excessive maintenance. They support the traffic very gracefully, they are resistant to water and corrosive agents. See how spectacular this entrance looks with the detail of the floor that is full of life and colour, offering a most welcoming ambiance.

11. Stone paths along the lawn

In addition to combining materials, you can make the road to your home creative and original. What do you think of this path? The blocks of stone is quite dynamic and incredibly beautiful against the greenery.

12. A mixture of different elements

Despite its small size, this entrance has an exceptionally designed floor; Wood, gravel, cobblestones and vegetation to show an cohesive natural beauty.

13. The best choice would be to consider the conditions of the space

The choice of the floor for the exterior entrance will depend mainly on the overall style, size, and budget of your home. Of course, the whole of the facade should also be in harmony with its surroundings.

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