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14 photos of a modern hillside home

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Like those beautiful lodges and rustic homes—modern homes too can grace the landscape of the hillside. A place that is closer to nature and provides a wonderful view of the horizon. A quiet and tranquil escape with the same comfort and ease that a modern home can provide. Today, homify is here to show you a modern family home that you may like.

An elegant box-type modern home that is predominantly made of cement and large glass doors and windows. Having simple monochromatic colours such as white and grey add a flair of sophistication that matches perfectly with it's geometric structure.

2. Rear view of the house

Having plenty of outdoor lounges is never enough for a hillside home. There's one sitting area at the front of the house and three at the back.

3. Patio

Having a wood deck patio flooring and rustic lumber as the ceiling provide a warm atmosphere that breaks the stiffness of most modern designs.

This elegant kitchen has a wide bar that is perfect for entertaining guests. It also has a wonderful view of the outdoors with easy access to the patio dining area.

5. Curb appeal

Of course, one's safety and security is important. The perimeter is surrounded by wall and a gate that is made of wood and metal material. The black metal and the dark wood provide an eye-catching entrance against the expanse of the grid-lined perimeter wall.

6. Recreational area

Having a golf area on the second floor of the home is a wonderful activity to destress on beautiful Sunday mornings. Dads and their sons are bound to have really awesome time bonding as they play and share stories together.

7. Bedroom

Sometimes, the best decoration a bedroom can have the gift of a beautiful morning view. Having a wide glass door that leads to a patio provides a wonderful extension to this very private space. The closet is also kept simple and sleek behind sliding doors.

The living room has a high ceiling with a wonderful chandelier. A nice and airy atmosphere blankets the home with a soft warm glow. A family TV room with a wood burner and a nice comfortable couch.

9. Guest room

Like the bedroom, the guest room is also fashioned with large glass windows and simple minimalist elements.

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