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A cozy minimalist prefab home

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For families that are just starting out, owning a small minimalist style home made of prefabricated materials may be just what you need. Many newlyweds are trying to make ends meet as they labor to pay for rent. Well, having a small prefab home may just be exactly what you need as it provides you enough comfort that is within budget. Acquiring a home that is perfect for a small family will give you that unspeakably wonderful feeling when you've achieved in being able to provide for the needs of the family.

Let's check it out shall we?

Low-cost prefabricated materials adorn this simple home. It may look quite plain but there is that simple elegance and uniqueness that makes you want to enter and see what secrets it may hold inside.

A warm atmosphere adorn this small home. Wood panelled flooring, a nice mezzanine area, a couple of picture frames along the stairs with glass railing and plenty of ambient lighting.

3. Lighting

Check out this industrial piece of light fixture. It has black tubes protruding outward with lightbulbs filled out in a decorative manner.

4. Study loft

Along the loft is a study with a nice Scandinavian table, black office chairs, a grey carpet, and two simple black and white artworks hanging on the wall. 

5. Living room

From the mezzanine, you can see a wonderful view of the living room. On the walls you'll see square glass windows, a flat screen TV and an abstract painting that perfectly frames the living room. A couple of seats and colourful throw pillows, a round printed coffee table, a lamp and a plush dark grey carpet.

6. Kitchen

A clean and simple design with shades of brown to keep a natural and light atmosphere in the kitchen.

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