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Bright apartment with pastel colors

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If you like pastel colours, then you're going to love this apartment! It's very dainty and interesting to look at. Most apartments, by default, have a uniform design. However, the home also reflects its owner and so, being able to express your individuality and taste in the form of design can be a source of fulfilment. Why tolerate those frustratingly boring interiors when you have the resources to make it better.

Pastel colours are attractive with mellowed candy tones that add a soft and fresh atmosphere to a room. Placing these colours in specific areas without overdoing them is the key in order to maintain its elegance; this said, it would be best to avoid too much colour so that it won't make the room tacky. Let's go on take a look at this apartment with such adorable pastel colours.

1. Crown molding and folding glass door

Most apartments follow the LDK configuration where the living room, kitchen and dining room meet in one space. In this case, the three areas were decorated with a similar atmosphere. See how the sofa in the living room matches the cupboards in the kitchen. Here we find the same white walls and an elegant gold coloured light fixture. Except here, the walls have crown moldings that add sophistication to the space. There is also a partition, a folding glass door that leads to a sitting area and a hallway that leads to the bedroom. The glass wall is covered with white curtains to make the most of the bright and cheerful atmosphere.

2. Dining room dressed with sophistication

The dining room means more than just a place to eat—it is a place where families gather and collect wonderful memories while enjoying a hearty meal. This apartment is large and has a luxurious atmosphere. The dining table fashions a nice marble tabletop with gold-plated steel legs that are angular in style. The designer chose unobtrusive glass chairs to highlight the beauty of the table and against the wall you'll see a sleek white ottoman that also functions as a storage compartment. Above it are artistic framed photos that are arranged in a manner that is interesting. Lastly, the light fixture is also gold coloured to match the table legs.

3. Kitchen with grey walls and pastel-coloured cupboards

Let's take a closer look at the kitchen. I'm sure the first thing you'd notice is how pink the cupboards are, giving off that retro feel. See how the pastel pink with gold handles matches with the grey tone of the wall and between that is a sleek white countertop and a white tiled backsplash that is diagonally arranged. Along the window you'll see a dainty awning that adds character to the room. 

4. Bedroom cabinet design with green pastel hue

Come into the bedroom and see another design idea. If all the space was decorated with white and pink, I would have been too much pink. So as you see here, the bedroom built-in cabinet has a fresh pastel shade to gives a fun, fresh and light atmosphere and like the other fixtures, the handle on this cabinet is gold coloured as well. The ceiling is neatly finished with recessed lighting, providing ample light indoors.

5. Sink and vanity

Here we see the same marble tabletop similar to the dining table as well as the pink cupboard underneath. The walls are grey tiles, that matches the pink nicely. On the walls is a sleek black towel rod and a black-rimmed round mirror.

6. Teal coloured bathroom

The bathroom also has a decent size for an apartment. As you can see, teal and grey tiles adorn the walls, creating a nice and cool atmosphere.The shower area is separated with a clear glass door and the rest are kept simple. A cozy and relaxing bath after a hard days work is always something to look forward to.

7. Teal coloured french door

Finally, let's check out the entrance door along the anteroom. Often the entryway is the space that influences the first impression. The design of the wide 2-door opening is elegant with teal frames and tinted glass mirror. Again the knob is gold coloured like most of the fixtures in the house.

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