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木皆空間設計 Living room
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If you're into the simple but classy type of interior design, then you came to the right place! Having too much decorations in a small apartment can easily make a home look cluttered. Designing an apartment doesn't have to be as gruelling; just keep things simple and comfortable. You may also look for various inspirations here at homify. Today, we'll give you some tips on how you could maximise your space and still be able to rock it in style.

Simple elegance

The choice of powder blue colour for the home is a fantastic idea. It provides a light and cool atmosphere. Matching it with industrial style wooden dining table, the hardwood floors and a cream-coloured brick wall adds a clean outdoor-like feel and texture to the home. The elegant ceiling fan also draws a nice touch with it's petal-shaped blade. The lighting is also kept simple with cove lights and white-coloured follow-spots. 

Choice of furniture

Even with a couple of basics elements, when put together can make magic. The use of white venetian blinds along with simple but well chosen furniture that match, like this lamp, the coffee table and the TV console having the same white and wood tones. 

Built-in storage space

Adding in a sitting area that has a hidden compartments is a nice item to have in order to utilise a dead space along the window. Also the use of that country style white wood along the wall and the compartment matches with the warm mocha coloured walls. 

Here are a few tricks of the trade; see that air conditioner installed in a recess from the ceiling? Its quite elegant without being much of a distraction to the design of the space. Then there's the compartment where the television is hanged onto a panel of wood that can easily be hidden to access the cabinets.

Use of crown moldings

Here, we see how the crown moldings accentuate a space. It matches the powder blue walls beautifully, emphasising corners, even the doors and cabinets have a uniform white lining design that adds to its overall elegance. 

Frosted glass doors

Having frosted glass doors inside the home provides that outdoorsy feel. Making small homes feel less suffocating.  

Less narrow hallways

When looking for apartments you should choose one with a floor plan that suits you best. Having less narrow hallways is a wonderful choice as it opens up the space a lot more. 

Light coloured ceiling

Using white or a light-coloured ceiling is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It makes the space bigger and the way it bounces off the light also makes the room brighter.

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