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A young couple turned their tiny flat into an enjoyable home

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一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design Scandinavian style bedroom
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At homify, we love coming across total home transformations (or in this case apartment transformations)! And while we cherish big and bold changes, we often overlook the beauty of tiny home improvements.

In this homify 360°, we visit a Pinterest-worthy apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. The interior design firm behind the lovely apartment is A Lentil Design. With a professional eye on saving space,  the firm used unique methods like converting a bedroom into a living room, creating storage under the stairs, and installing a loft as a second bedroom, to make this apartment more habitable for the growing family.   

For the interior, the design team got crafty with colour and materials; like Myanmar Burma teak boards for extra storage, ICI environmentally friendly paint in bright and happy colours, and laminate flooring for easy pickup. We love everything about this home and can't wait for you to enjoy it too! 

Let's take a look… .

Before and after plans side by side

1. The original floor plan

Before we start this journey, let's take a moment and review the original floor plan. The design firm, A Lentil Design, was up for a challenge when taking on this tiny apartment. There goal was simple yet ambitious; create enough space for this growing family to enjoy. 

2. New and improved

After some hard work and creative design, the firm and family settled on the new plans. From these designs it's clear that the possibilities were endless for this apartment transformation! 

3. The old kitchen

Before, the kitchen was tiny and dimly lit. Hardly enjoyable for a family of three who enjoyed cooking and spending time at home. 

4. New kitchen with a gorgeous design!

開放式的LDK設計 converting the second bedroom into living room 一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design Living room
一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design

開放式的LDK設計 converting the second bedroom into living room

一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design

Ta-da! The new kitchen is absolutely stunning! We love how the design firm took advantage of the dividing wall to install extra kitchen storage. The new track lighting, fun murals, hard wood laminate floors, and a touch of greenery gives new life to this once dark room. 

We especially love the island counter, perfect for enjoying company while cooking. Let's take a look at more pictures of this lovely kitchen! 

5. Before, a drab entryway

The old entryway feels cold and uninviting, but not to fear A Lentil Design is here to the rescue. 

Before and after difference in one glance

6. New and improved entrance

Wow! This entrance doesn't even resemble the old space. In this picture you'll see one of our favourite additions to the apartment which is the new loft. The family decided on the space for their young child and we can see why—it's the perfect place for a child to play and sleep. 

Another clever trick the design firm used was to create storage space under the loft. You'll see how they accomplished this in the next photo. 

7. Smart storage

每個女生都夢想擁有一座更衣室 creating a cloakroom from an aisle 一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design Scandinavian style dressing rooms
一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design

每個女生都夢想擁有一座更衣室 creating a cloakroom from an aisle

一葉藍朵設計家飾所 A Lentil Design

The space under the stairs now serves as extra storage for the family. 

8. Looking down from the loft

The glass window dividers are a great way to create privacy without completely closing off the space. 

9. A bright and pretty bedroom

We love this bedroom! The pastel pink and flower printed arm chair go perfectly in this bright room. 

10. A raised bed provides more storage

There's another clever storage hack the design team had up their sleeves. They raised the bed and used the extra space for storage. It also provides better views from the bed! 

11. Another beautiful view from under the loft

12. A closeup look at the stairway storage

13. Before, a glimpse of the hallway

14. After, open floor plan with so much style

The decoration of this home is so unique and eclectic! We LOVE everything about this look, especially the built-in book self. Perfect for a family looking to save space in a stylish way. 

15. The sweetest living room

We end this tour with another lovely view of this apartment. We hope you enjoyed this transformation as much as we did! 

Up next: 11 smart storage hacks you might not have thought of.

What was your favourite design hack? Tell us in the comments below! 
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