How can I beautify the bathroom in my rental apartment?

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When we are living in a temporary situation or our rental lease doesn’t authorise us to make major changes to our apartments it can be difficult to personalise the space. Still, at homify, we believe that it is very important to make any living accommodation feel more like home. Even when the scope of decorative action is constrained, there are ways to beautify the rooms in the apartment, making them more elegant and welcoming. One room that can be particularly tricky to decorate in the first place is the bathroom. Let alone when you’re not allowed to change the walls or adjust the furnishings. Plus, this room isn’t always the first priority when sprucing up a new abode. What can you do? We have you covered! Here are some simple tips for revamping the bathroom in your rental apartment without breaking any rules.

Modern toilet seat

When looking to spruce things up a bit in your rental apartment, the key is in the details. In enhancing the space with a harmony of small details, the ultimate transformative effects are substantial. In the case of the bathroom, it may feel like you don’t have a lot to work with. Most of the major fixtures of the bathroom appear to take centre stage. The solution is in tweaking elements of these appliances. For example, it’s likely your landlord won’t allow you to replace the toilet with a more upscale model even if you had the funds to do so. It is probable, however, that the landlord won’t mind if you change the toilet seat. Go modern with a square shaped toilet seat or a simple subtler toilet seat for a more upscale, minimalist look. This is an excellent example of a small bathroom in a rental apartment whose rectangular toilet seat acts as the perfect detail for elevating the overall style of the look.

New shower curtain

Bathrooms tend to be limited in space, especially in rental apartments. There isn’t necessarily a lot of room on the walls to add decorations and painting the walls in a rental is not always a possibility. How can you bring a little bit of life and colour to the bathroom? With a shower curtain of course! Shower curtains accumulate mildew and get stained easily considering their intense exposure to water. Getting a new one can help make you to reclaim the space as your own and freshen it up. A white or translucent shower curtain will help add the illusion of space while a colourful one can work as an excellent accent. The shower curtain in this bathroom by Tatyana PichuginaDesign perfectly demonstrates both effects. The white portion of the shower curtain helps it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom without making the face feel constrained like a darker shower curtain might. The bottom portion, however, adds just the right touch of accent, tying in the black and white tiled floor. Remember to keep the curtain pushed back to increase the spaciousness in your bathroom.

Incorporate plants and flowers

Plants are an excellent means of enhancing a space. The simple act of placing a plant or two can have immense benefits to the bathroom. They can change the style and help make it a more relaxing place to be. Introducing the elegance of an exquisite orchid or the lushness of tropical plants like these ones give the room just the right touch of style without the potential for excess in the form of other decorative accessories. Plants are pure and refined on their own. They also cultivate tranquillity and harmony within us. One word of warning on using plants to beautify the bathroom in your rental apartment, consider the care requirements for the plant first. In particular, make sure that if your bathroom doesn’t have access to a lot of sunlight, you go with some plants that don’t need much to thrive.

Create storage

Magnetika bathroom - magnetic shelves on metal panel Ronda Design BathroomShelves
Ronda Design

Magnetika bathroom—magnetic shelves on metal panel

Ronda Design

Bathrooms tend to accumulate lots of small bottles and other accessories. From make-up, to shaving items, to perfumes and other toiletries, these things need to be easily accessible but out of the way. Plus, you want to keep the sink area relatively clutter free and your more private items out of sight. It’s not always the easiest balance to strike. A medicine cabinet can make this situation easier to handle. Still, even if you don’t have one there are some easy ways to keep things stowed and organised. Floating shelves are ideal for bathrooms with limited space because they take up the most minimal amount. We like these rectangular floating shelves as they provide twice the space per shelving unit. Arrange them in unique ways to boost their overall appearances. In the shower, add a shower rack to keep the shower space neat and orderly.

Decorate with accessories

In addition to using existing fixtures in the bathroom as a point of departure in your decoration scheme, let’s discuss how best to add some ornaments and accessories of your own. We suggest you choose pieces carefully so as not to overwhelm the already limited space. Some nice photos are other artwork will do wonders for the walls as long as you keep things minimal. We love this as an example of how to incorporate multiple items in the bathroom without making it look too busy. Sticking to a black and white colour scheme works well here because the rest of the white bathroom helps to offset their presence. Similar to polishing up the existing appliances and furnishings in the bathroom, consider using light fixtures, soap dispensers, and linens to help create the desired decorative scheme as well.

Basic cleaning

Let’s face it. Bathrooms can get pretty grimy. A regular cleaning regimen will make a world of difference in making sure that your bathroom stays beautiful once you’ve implemented these other changes. A basic bathroom cleaning routine ought to consist of washing the toilet, shower, sink, floors and mirrors with the appropriate cleaning solutions. This bathroom depicts an important thing to consider in this regard: tiles. Tiles need special attention against grout, mould, and mildew. If you are mindful and apply baking soda or tile cleaner regularly, this shouldn’t be a major issue. A clean bathroom is far more pleasant and welcoming no matter the state of interior design. We really cannot stress enough how important this is. Combined with the well-organised storage shelves, this bathroom is positively charming and sparkling!

If you found these tips useful and would like more ideas about how to make your small bathroom look bigger, check out this Ideabook. Happy decorating! 

It can be tricky to strike a balance in making your home feel personalised and not violating the terms of your lease. Do you have any other helpful...

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