20 small, modern and spectacular kitchens!

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Just like in any part of the house, the kitchen also requires a certain amount of inspiration when it comes to actualising a theme that will make it a concrete decorative design in a manner that combines functionality and beauty. This planning is even more important in developing a kitchen that is appealing and practical at the same time. Its dimensions are to a large extent responsible in requiring a person to be creative in order to maximise the given space. Remember, though, that even small spaces can be just as beautiful and cozy.

In this article, Homify has assembled 20 beautiful kitchens that will inspire you. Here, you'll see how the balance between functionality and the aesthetic can vary accordingly depending on the needs and wants of different homeowners.

So come on and let's check it out!

1. Natural wood-based touches and plants for a cozy, contemporary kitchen

2. Appliances with stainless steel finishes for a modern and easy to clean kitchen

3. A personalized environment

Having an open space offers several possibilities for kitchens that seek to extend beyond the limits imposed by the walls. The focus is on integrating an environment that allows the area to look larger than it actually is, adding in a doorway that leads to the garden or the laundry area is also a wonderful addition for this space that bring in natural light into the kitchen.

This fun, quirky and personalised environment beautifully reflects the personality of the homeowner. White is the predominant colour and is peppered by brightly coloured tones as seen on the chairs, refrigerator and columns.

4. The classic black and white design will always remain timeless and elegant

5. A bright coloured backsplash and countertop creates a fun modern style kitchen

6. Minty fresh kitchen

This mint green colour is one of the most widely used today, especially in Scandinavian style decoration. This kitchen with a retro flair conveys a wonderful feeling of freshness. Contrasting with the modern cabinets and the rustic wooden table that is matched with yellow chairs.

7. An open floor plan is a trend of modern architecture that is perfect for small spaces

London duplex kitchen living room overview ESTHERRICO Design & Businness Modern dining room
ESTHERRICO Design & Businness

London duplex kitchen living room overview

ESTHERRICO Design & Businness

8. Unique Styles

In addition to integrating the kitchen space, a good way to make this area seem prominent, is to provide it with elements that draw attraction. This blue coloured cabinets with black accent designs exudes so much character. Not only by the play of colours, but also by the different items that mixed into the place, from the shelves that portray an industrial aesthetic to the geometric patterns of the kitchen floor and the modern glass dining table.

10. The perfect floor

There are many design features that you can put into practice to make your kitchen appear larger and interesting at the same time. The use of white, for example, is one of the standard default features in this type of space, still, that doesn't mean you can't play with colours according to your preference. Here, the architects chose to cover the floor with coloured tiles with a geometric motif that make this kitchen look cool and full of character.

11. A modern U-kitchen that maximizes space

12. Textured walls give depth and a nice focal point to a space

13. Striking red

The kitchen should, among other things, be an inspiring space. To create delicious recipes, there is nothing better than to feel in a pleasant environment that invites us to stay. After all, who wants to cook or eat in an ugly, dark and disorganized kitchen? The bet in bright colors, such as red, is ideal to awaken a cozy feeling.

14. A sleek corner kitchen in black and white makes the space appear roomier

15. Brick and wood to create two distinct environments in a small, modern and romantic galley style kitchen

16. L-kitchens are a good solution for small spaces.

When your kitchen space is small, that means optimising the available surface is more than necessary. Distributing its functions in a sleek grey and white design. A nice way to make the space appear brighter is by adding some lighting embedded under the upper cupboards, providing a simple, practical and functional design application.

17. Customize the furniture to give it more personality

Trabajos Inmarosa Modern style kitchen



18. Using neon colours would be a definite eye-catching design

19. Kitchens with islands

Central islands are common in larger kitchens, but with a good design, it is also possible to incorporate them into a small space. In this case, we see an open environment with an 'L' distribution that has the island as a division. A practical solution that still incorporates what the homeowners want.

20. Warm brick walls

To give your kitchen a unique personality, there's nothing like betting on natural materials for the walls. Even bricks, when matched with modern design can look elegant and appealing.

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