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A Modern Holiday Home with all the Comforts

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Möhring Architekten Living room
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Throughout history, we have laid our eyes on some magnificent pieces of architecture. From the architecture in the ancient Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman and Persian eras that inspired castles, churches, and governmental buildings all the way to the architecture of the 21st century, including design schemes such as modern, classic, and rustic, architecture has been by our side and forever changing.

It is structures such as these castles and churches that inspire people from all over to design their homes in unique ways and realize their architectural potential. The owners of Drempelhaus planned the construction of their home in Wieck auf dem Darss, so they contacted Möhring Architekten to get the job done. 

Today on homify, we want to show you how the house looks Wieck a Darss in the finished state complete with chic furnishings. The house stands on the Baltic peninsula Fischland-Darss in picturesque surroundings and offers on 120 square metres of living space for up to six people. In addition to the perfect location near the sea, it also scores with a large garden, a private sauna and an equally stylish as cozy style. Have fun on our tour of this beautiful cottage.

Open ground floor

The ground floor of this holiday house has a modern, open floor plan. This allows for the living, dining, and kitchen area to merge seamlessly into one another, creating one large open area for family and friends to effortlessly communicate and lounge. In addition to the kitchen, dining, and living areas, the ground floor is also home to the bathroom and a bedroom, as well as the laundry room. The highlight of this area is the large glass doors through which you can enjoy beautiful views of the lush gardens and where you have direct access to go out onto the terrace. The interior of this home has Scandinavian inspired design elements all throughout, which we can see exemplified here. Furthermore, the generous glass surfaces flood the entire interior with natural light and let in an airy, friendly and spacious effect.

Modern and functional

This modern kitchen design not only looks incredibly stylish and clean, but it is also incredibly functional. Kitchen islands serve a number of purposes and are a must in any modern kitchen. In addition to being a visual anchor in the area, kitchen islands also help increase the room’s functionality and efficiency by offering additional storage and work space.

The entire interior of the house is kept functional, modern, and stylish and meets in the reduced form and colour and the high-quality, natural materials of the outer facade. Unlike on the outside, the interior is something quite different. Bright tones are used throughout the interior and into the center. Crisp white walls and warm wood get society of contemporary, practical furniture and refined accessories.

View from the garden

The starting point for the design of our experts was a street-long plot with an extremely narrow cut. Following the installation gaps form, the house has been designed in accordance with the narrow and the long. It follows the traditional design and colour scheme of a Drempelhause, meaning it has a low roof pitch and corresponds to the streamlined design of a barn.

The house reflects not only traditional elements of local architecture, but also contributes to modern character, especially in the reduced design and the generous windows. The many different sized and partly cornerned extending window openings make something special of this house, as well as the dark larch wood facade, which is modern and rustic at the same time.

Ground floor bathroom

In this modern home, we will find two bathrooms – one located on the ground floor, which we can see in this image, and the other located on the second storey.

The ground floor bathroom offers enough space for two or more people to occupy at one time. The black and grey tile on the walls and on the floor give the viewer a visual break from the white that runs rampant throughout the rest of the home and creates a luxurious atmosphere. Giant glass doors ensure that the most amount of natural light is allowed to shine through, and of course the option of privacy is included, as the door faces the inner courtyard and comes equipped with a curtain. This bathroom has only a standing shower, but just wait until you see the additional washroom!

Modern wellness oasis

Now we'll take you to the second bathroom located in this stunning home. This bathroom is located on the second floor which is in no way inferior to the rest of the house when it comes to style and comfort in anything. Again, one feels through the gleaming white walls, high-quality materials, clear lines and an exclusive equipment immediately and at great ease. Generous skylights in the ceiling ensure that this space will absorb and reflect a lot of natural light. One of the highlights of the house is integrated into the bathroom sauna, which invites you to relax, making this particular washroom a modern oasis for its inhabitants.

The black and grey tile are mirrored in style in this bathroom, as well as the timber counter and white porcelain sinks and bathtub.

Pure relaxation

As the last stop on our tour of this modern holiday home, we are taking you to the modern, spacious, and incredibly light-filled bedroom. Here we see one of the bedrooms upstairs which is flooded by the two corner windows with natural light and provides fantastic views of the green surroundings. Again, the decor is distinctly Scandinavian inspired and combines functional simplicity with smart styling and comfortable naturalness to a fresh, inviting and overall friendly picture that prompts you to relax and unwind at the end of a long work day.

The multiple windows in the room allow for great air circulation all year round while also bringing in a large amount of light to brighten and freshen the area. Wrap around curtains in the bedroom provide excellent privacy while their colour complements the brightness of the walls and the bed sheets. 

Did you enjoy the tour of this modern holiday home? Could you see yourself living in a home like this one? We'd love to hear from you in the commen...
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