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Many people dream of owning their own home. The cost for owning a home, however, can be a financial burden for many, and can often push our home owner dreams to the far off future. 

The good news is we have searched for a cost-effective solution and have found it! It's container houses. You might have seen these new wave homes popping up across the internet, and we want to show you just how comfortable the units can be.  

How much does a container house cost? 

The cost of buying a container house can vary widely. For example a 40-foot (approximately 12 meters) long container house in Europe can cost between 1000 and 3000 euro. But that can also change depending on wether you buy a container house new or used. 

Are container houses insulated? 

Sea containers are constructed as lightweight containers. They consist mainly of corrosion-resistant steel, with a protective varnish of epoxy resin base. Therefore insulation as well as multi-glazing are necessary in order to achieve a comfortable temperature in the interior. 

Where can you put containers? 

This is completely dependent on your local building laws. We recommend researching in advance the state building regulations of your area or go to the municipal office to inquire. In addition, you should also distinguish whether you'll live in the container long term or temporarily. If the container is to be placed only for a certain period of time, the size again plays a big role.

1. The container

The Hamburg-based company Containerbasis  sells containers which are used in a classic way for the transport of goods or are converted by some architects and designers to container houses. Containerbasis is a known starting point for new and used containers worldwide.

Normally, the fewest container houses are actually built from old ship containers, and are instead already manufactured as standardised units. For example, there are long-standing containers that meet the energy standard of a typical house.

2. Upstocks as required

This example proves that container houses can be stylish and colorful!

For the construction of this container house, common ship containers were used, which were about 12 meters long and a width of about two meters. The containers can be stacked one on top of the other, so that you are wonderfully flexible in the design as a builder. Especially when it comes to the increase of the living space, this variant is a clever alternative to the usual house construction. And the openings like door and window can be attached as desired!

The interior of this container house is also full of surprises. With wooden floors and minimalistic furniture, this container house puts a modern twist on a family home.

3. Compact but spacious

If you are frightened by the sight of the outdoor bathroom, don't be! This washing area, which is accessible from the outside, is just another quirky element that makes-up container houses. The house itself has a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. The superimposed containers are connected to each other by a filigree staircase.

4. Furnished micro apartment

Living in a sea container does not mean you have to forego comfort. The developer of this micro house succeeded in making a 20-foot container an ideal home. Within the 13 square meters, you will find a combined living room and bedroom, a bathroom and an integrated workplace. On the six-square-meter terrace you can enjoy the sunshine and take a look around the surroundings where you have settled your micro-house—wherever that may be!

5. A shared living place

In Berlin's Treptow-Koepenick community you can find a special project: a container village. Here students can find cheap and furnished apartments in more than 200 containers. There are small single apartments, 2-shared flats or living space for up to three people. 

At first glance the rust-colored facade looks neglected, but this material, namely the Corten steel, is extremely durable and practical. In addition, it will provide good insulation in the winter months and make for a comfortable living situation.  

6. A container house that doubles as a holiday home

Imagine using a container house for your holiday home! Here, in South Korea, you can enjoy the charm and advantages of a container house and decide if it's a good fit for you, while you're on vacation!

One of the advantages of this house is undoubtedly the large windows which allow a pleasant, natural living feeling. The furnishings have also been designed to be minimalist and allow the visitors to enjoy the surrounding beauty. 

We have more homes to enjoy. Next up: 5 beautiful prefabricated houses for under £160,000.

Living in a container house? Would that be something for you? Leave us a comment!

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