9 wall colour trends of 2017

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Every year, we like to share new ideas on how to spruce up your home. As summer turns into fall, it's a great time to think about new design ideas, like: does your furniture still bring you joy? Or, does your bathroom need a make-over? These are more labor intensive home improvements, but if you want to start fresh without all the fuss, changing your wall colors is a great place to start.

Sometimes it's the smallest details that bring the biggest change into our home. For this reason, we collected the best wall colours of 2017 to inspire your next room makeover. These trend colors of 2017 will not only give you a good feeling about your home, but also keep you ahead of the latest home style trends.  Let's take a look!

1. Purple and Violet: soothing and elegant

This cool violet shade is one of our favourite trend colours of 2017.  In combination, but also as stand-alones, both colors bring an elegant touch into every room. Whether you're going for a modern or classical look, or eclectic and creative, purple and violet as the wall color is always the right choice to bring a soothing sense to a room.

2. Pastel green and gray: earthy and neutral

Pastel colors, particularly in living rooms, increase the harmony between host and guests. This year's trend wall colours of 2017 brings us a beautiful combination of pastel tones into our homes.  A favourite of ours is the gentle greens and gray tones, which bring a soft contrast for your space. So if you plan to give your living room a new wall design this year, this wall colour combination should be considered.

3. White: brisk and timeless

As in the previous years, the color white will remain one of the absolute favourite wall colour trends of 2017. The positive qualities of this neutral colour are not only timeless, but make every room simple and inviting, whether it be a bathroom or a cozy living area. Combined with other cool shades such as the trendy turquoise, the advantages of the white are particularly evident—like in this example.

4. Pearl gray: welcoming and relaxing

The color gray is not to be underestimated as one of the trend colours of 2017. Their effect in combination with a green pastel tone are perfect for contemporary room furnishing, which can be selected with the help of an interior designer. Pearl gray brings a cool elegance especially in rather reserved rooms. But also as a basic tone for the decorative style, it creates a harmonious, inviting decoration, which your guests will love. Who would not like to relax in this room?

5. Rose: warm and playful

Altrosa or rosé as a wall paint creates a wonderful balance of warmth and playfulness to a room. Be it a living room in classic country house or a modern loft with bonds in industrial design, rosé is a great wall colour trend of 2017. Rosettes are amazingly versatile and precisely for this reason one of our favourite wall colours of 2017.

6. Sage green: zen and tranquil

It is hardly surprising how much this colour can soothe us. Many of us are already taking advantage of greens zen-like abilities in our own home. If you haven't  thought about the Sage green colour, we recommend it as one of the most tranquil trend colours of 2017. With its light touch of brown and yellow, it is not only invigorating, but also extremely harmonious. The perfect colour for a place of gathering like the kitchen!

7. Yellow: cheerful and bright

Yellow is the best colour to bring cheerfulness and optimism to a home. Yellow has a stimulating and refreshing effect and thereby combines all the qualities of a great trend colour of 2017. Not only for the classic living space, as in this example, but with a wonderfully muted note maybe even for your home.

8. Charcoal gray: dramatic and regal

Concord High - Thomas Pedersen Stouby Living room

Concord High—Thomas Pedersen


We at homify believe gray is the easiest trend colour of 2017 to style. It is so versatile  - be it as a basic tone for inviting furniture in the decorative style. Or as a great wall paint in a modern or also industrial design. If you prefer a dark gray for your wall, you should adjust the decoration accordingly. Dark blues bring a touch of elegance, while the wood note brings warmth back into the room.

9. Navy blue: bold and beautiful

Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living room
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

To conclude our wall colours of 2017 journey on a high note, we have the navy blue colour with a great mixture of green and turquoise. This colour will be an eye-catcher in every home. In modern living rooms or the kitchen! We guarantee you'll want more of this colour in your home!  

We have more colour inspiration for you! Next up: 10 bedroom makeover tricks that won't cost you a penny.

What is your favourite wall colour trend of 2017? Tell us in the comments below!

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