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Before and After: 5 extreme home transformations

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Completely rebuild or renovate an old building? That is the question for many homeowners who live or have purchased an older home. It's important to seek the advice of an architect, who can help you calculate whether a renovation is necessary or if a redevelopment is more practical. We have some great examples of how to convert a house into a spectacular before and after.

Whether you chose a renovation or a complete rebuild - let's take a look at five amazing before-and-after projects!

1. Before: a typical family home

This building from the 60s is unassuming, but could no longer hold a family of four. The solution: a reconstruction that is both cost-effective and sustainable. The architects' promise was to renovate  the old building into a breathtaking before after. Take a look below! 

After: A gorgeous and modern family home

Look at this incredible change! Undoubtedly, the building is characterized by massive changes in window and door openings like a new family home. By means of a backward cross-cultivation, much more living space could be gained. So even in the basement even a private swimming pool could be realized.

To meet the desire for sustainability, a pellet heating system with an underground pellet tank and heating-assist solar thermal energy was installed. In addition, the house has a controlled ventilation with heat recovery, a vacuum cleaner as well as modern rainwater use.

2. Before: Old and delapitated

Although this house is not in great condition, it offers a lot of space and garden views. While the street facing side was designed with conventional plaster, bright clinker decorates the back. The property offers the best conditions for a family: lots of space for romping and lots of opportunities to relax outdoors. Let's take a look at this transformation! 

After: Magical facade

After the renovation, the house is unrecognisable! A modern, cubic building now stands on the property. Not only did the façade change, but also the gabled walls of the old roof were demolished, and they decided to build a flat roof. The living room on the ground floor was markedly enlarged by a connection with the former service room. In the south-facing garden, a generous terrace with colorful natural stones serves as an ideal place to stay in the green. 

The design of the façade is in itself a highlight, but behind it is still a fascinating secret: the dark blue surfaces contain intersperses of glass with fluorescent effect, which makes the color streaks in the dark sparkle.

3. Before: Renovation farmhouse

Renovating a farmhouse will help keep their charm—the brick façade and the red saddle roof always radiate something cozy, and you can imagine how quaintly comfortable it might be behind the four walls. These buildings often have an enormous but unfortunately underestimated potential to the modern dream house…

After: Modern farmhouse

The basic form of the two buildings remained even after the renovation and even the red saddle roof remained. The small building on the left was converted into a guest room with a shower. In the main house, to the right of it, there was once the stable and maid quarters. Now, you'll find a trendy living area with all sorts of comfort. Through a wood-clad, high hallway, both buildings are seamlessly connected. The perfect example of a renovated farmhouse!

4. Before: Barren and outdated

The shades of this façade speaks for itself: the yellowed beige and brown looks anything but inviting. The visibly old-fashioned balcony and the old-fashioned blinds round off the unattractive picture of the house in a sad way. But even this middle-class house was still not lost and got a new, trendy look.

After: Fresh and inviting

Wow! What an amazing renovation of an old building before and after. A refreshing pale blue finally attracts all eyes in the positive sense. How did they achieve this surprising appearance? The architects extended the house around the balcony, but this was not enough—the architects also built a new 2nd story. Not only did the home gain a new look, but the homeowners also saved on their energy bills, more than 70%! Now the house can compete in energy savings with modern buildings.

5. Before: Small and dark

The owners of this house complained about the competitive housing market and decided on a home renovation instead. The plan: A cozy bedroom on the upper floor and an open living room on the ground floor. What was the outcome of this transformation?

After: Classic and contemporary

From the dreary building to the contemporary dwelling—this project was a complete success! The strong red facade stands out and refreshes the entire environment. Just as warm as the red, but somewhat more subtle, the wood trim of the home ties the look all together. In order to keep the façade as easy to maintain as possible, the experts decided to use a slab façade and a pre-painted wood block formwork.

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What was your favourite transformation? Tell us in the comments below. 
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