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10 bathroom wall cladding ideas

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Shoaling Fish Jo Downs Modern style bathrooms
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Wall cladding is a great option for bathrooms and can also suit those who are on a budget. It is a very effective method for water-proofing the walls, even more, it looks great! However, with a large variety of cladding styles and materials to choose from, it can often be difficult knowing which one is right for you. Here, we'll show you what they look like, from wooden cladding to bathroom panel ideas and so on.

Previously, wall cladding for bathrooms used to be made of plastics, but over the years the materials has evolved as well. Cladding is not pricey and is very easy to maintain if installed correctly. The range of options open up an entire world of design ideas, so that no matter the look you want to achieve in your bathroom, cladding can make it a reality. Have a look at these 10 great cladding ideas for you bathroom, below!

1. A Wooden look

We love the modern appeal of this bathroom. Beautifully highlighted by the wooden cladding idea. Here you get to appreciate the texture and color of the material used at the base in the shower and under the sink. The entire room is encased in it and it is mixed with grey tiles, that really makes it feel very contemporary. The cladding really offers a lovely ambiance to the room that makes it look warm and incredible. Parts of the cladding stick out too, which really breaks up the look of the wall by not just being one straight edge.

2. Splendid in stone

Bathroom wall cladding has moved on so rapidly in recent years. As we can see in this image, it can really look like anything we want to too. Here it is in a stone effect, giving the walls a really stripped back and natural look. The bathroom looks like it has been carved into the stone. The light colour of the walls is the perfect partner to the darker wood on the sink vanity unit. They both work together in a harmonious partnership to help each other stand out.

3. Modern and natural

In cladding for bathrooms, it is easy to achieve any look that you want. If we want the look of wood, without actual wood, we can do that. In this photo that is exactly what has been achieved. The wooden cladding covers everything and unites the whole bathroom, from the floor up. The cladding is clearly not real wood, but it does have the grain effect to give the same warm appeal that wood does. The difference here is that it is entirely water proof, easy to clean and it is simple to install.

4. Ocean theme

Shoaling Fish Jo Downs Modern style bathrooms
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

A bathroom of minimalist appeal that has genuine wood cladding looks amazing. The addition of the installation by Jo Downs really give a much needed splash of colour. These fused glass fish are custom made and can be added to any bathroom cladding idea that you want. In this instance they really set the washed out white off. The blue of the fish and the bath work beautifully with the cladding to create this look.

5. Swedish style

If in doubt on what to do, we can always go Swedish. Here we can see that this room feels a little like a sauna. The room isn't a typical bathroom and the cladding just adds to the look and feel of everything. Because the windows are low down and the ceiling is lower than usual, the cladding actually helps here. By placing it up and down the way, rather than horizontally, it helps the room look higher than it actually is.

6. Beach hut

Is it a beach hut? It certainly looks like one and that is the effect this cladding has had on this bathroom. The wood on the walls has been whitewashed, but we can still see the natural colour of the wood coming through. The other wall is in a light blue, making this really feel like an actual beach hut, rather than a bathroom. Clever cladding can really change the look of an entire room.

7. Contemporary and clean

It genuinely doesn't get any more contemporary than this bathroom. The lines could not be any more in sync with each other. Every part of the design of this room has been thought about, from the way the lights mirror the furniture below to the wall cladding. The dark brown on the walls offers a lovely change to the stark white of the rest of the bathroom, helping to break the space up visually. It also gives the feel of real timber making the room feel much more natural.

8. Modern mosaics

Contemporary Bathroom and Lighting homify Modern style bathrooms

Contemporary Bathroom and Lighting


Everything we have seen so far has showcased cladding beautifully. Here we want to show how bathroom cladding can have the appearance of tiles. The wonderful use of modern technology mean that mosaic cladding—as in the image—is achievable. The design is a lovely focal point in the room and helps add an element of colour as well. The mosaic tiles look real and that is part of what makes them special.

9. Marble effect

Marble is a very costly material to have installed in any room. Yet, we love the look of it because it looks expensive and sophisticated. Bathroom cladding can offer the look without the addition of the expense. In this bathroom we can see that the cladding has been used on the walls, floor and even the bath panel. The darker greys throughout the pattern really add to the look of the bathroom and make it feel elegant.

10. Patterns

Bathroom panel ideas tend to be very smooth. Sometimes however, we want some texture to give a visual impact. We can see here that this tile effect cladding offers just that. It surrounds this bath that has great views to the garden and it really helps the whole room come to life. It isn't quite as lively as other colourful mosaic tiles designs, but the colour scheme matches the rest of the bathroom perfectly.

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