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Building a House Step by Step

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At some point in everyones life we think about our ideal home. We dream about what it will look like; the colours, the layout and the décor. For some lucky individuals, they make their dream a reality and build their dream home. What does it take to be able to build your dream home? When considering the prospect of designing and building your dream, you must be inspired, you then need to have a plan. Consider how you will live in the house. What will the busiest parts of the house be? Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and therefore need a larger kitchen? Or will you spend more time in the living areas entertaining? How big will the house need to be? Will it be one or more floors? Where will you build? Country or city? homify has done the research and has found 6 important steps to build your dream house.

Exterior Design

Cantilever House NA ARCHITECTS Modern houses

Cantilever House


The exterior design of a house is often the first thing that we think of when considering our dream home. It is often the starting point when choosing what style of house, we want. Will it be a modern design, a traditional cottage or a Californian bungalow? When you are making this important choice be sure to do plenty of research. Look at houses in your favourite neighbourhood and take photographs. Read home designing magazines and start a collection of favourite house designs. When you have done this research and have acquired a good selection of ideas and pictures, it is time for you to decide. When making these decisions consider not only your personal opinion but also the climate and area that you will be building the house in. This house was designed by NAArchitects in Hyderabad, India.

Property Floor Plan

When you have decided what you want to include in your house, the next step is designing. There are so many considerations to make when sketching out the floor plan for a house. Consider first what rooms you require. How many bathrooms? How many bathrooms? Many decisions will need to be made at this point  and they will depend on how you intend to use the space. Consider how many people will be living in the house? Will you have regular visitors? Do you need a basement or an attic? When you have made these decisions, start blocking out a basic plan. Will you have a hallway linking the living areas with the bedrooms and bathrooms? Where will you put the front door? With a basic floor plan and a vision of how you want the house to look it is time to consult the experts. An experienced architect will take your plans and turn them into a workable plan for builders to use to create your dream home.

Budget Planning

Building your own home can be expensive. It is important to start this project with a strict budget, and stick to it. You may think that you have accounted for all expected costs, but there will always be unexpected costs that pop up out of nowhere. It is always good sense to leave a percentage of funds left to cover these unexpected costs.  Many people consider doing some of the work themselves in order to save money. This can be a good idea, if they are able to do this work. Many jobs can be undertaken by a novice, learning on the job, other jobs should be left to the experts, such as electrical work and plumbing. Painting is one job that is often undertaken by the home owner in order to cut costs. If you are considering taking on jobs yourself to save money, consult your builder for the best advice.


White two column radiator Mr Central Heating Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Mr Central Heating

White two column radiator

Mr Central Heating

There are many considerations to make when building your dream house, it may seem like one long decision making process. It is at these times that the planning you did at the beginning of the process pays off. Heating is one such consideration. Will you have central heating? Direct heating? or Under floor heating? The type of heating you choose will depend on your particular needs and the climate you live in. If you spend the majority of your time in the living areas you may want to focus on a direct heating sources such as a fireplace. If you live in a colder climate and need to heat the entire house you may consider central heating, which will heat the entire house. Column radiators provide individually controlled central heating. They have been used to heat homes for decades. These heaters are made by Mr Central Heating in the United Kingdom. 


It is important to choose the right light fittings for a new home. This will often depend on your style of house. A traditional home may suit lamps or traditional shades, while a modern house may better suit hidden lighting such as down lights. Consider also the room that the light will be used in. While a chandelier looks great in the entrance of a house, it may not be suitable in the kitchen. Consider how the room will be used when choosing the most appropriate lighting. Another important decision to make is the type of lighting. The biggest development in lighting technology in recent years has been LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. LED lights are more efficient, have a more even light and do not get hot. These are important considerations to make when choosing lighting for a new house.

Interior Design

When the difficult part of organising the construction of the house is done, it is time for the more enjoyable part, the interior design. The interior design of a house is often based on the style of the exterior of the house.  A modern designed house would be expected to have a modern interior; an industrial style home is expected to have an industrial style interior design.  Although this may not always be the case, each room may have its own unique style and colour. If this is the case it may be a good idea to have a central theme that connects each room to the house. Don’t forget that while the design of the interior of the house may be based on a particular style, the details within this style is based on the specific needs and tastes of those who will live in the house.

The prospect of designing and building your dream home can seem like an overwhelming task. There is so much to consider and so many decisions to be made. It is important to start this process with a strong plan, a strict budget and a vision of what you want your dream home to be like. Start by having an idea of the general theme of the house you want to build. Draft a floor plan by putting to paper all your needs for the new house. Do plenty of research about what you like and want to include in your house. From here it is a matter of putting your plan into action. Get an architect on board to turn your plans into a working plan. Then make all those decisions about colours, styles, heating, lighting and design. This is the enjoyable part. For more inspiration about house design see 8 Questions to ask Before Building Your Home.

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