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6 tips to increase your home's value

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Any major addition, change or renovation to a home is a costly investment. Doing something to significantly alter your home can be nerve-racking and it should be approached thoughtfully. Still, that doesn’t it mean it cannot be totally worth it! When we move into a new home, it makes sense to want to make it our own. This usually requires re-outfitting it to match our own tastes and renovating it to bring it up to date. Another common reason for wanting to make changes to the home is to prepare it fore sale. Just about any space in a home is ripe for change if we want it to be. The beauty of this, besides the aesthetic pleasure and increased convenience of these home improvements is that they can add value to the home in the process. Not only will you home be more appealing to potential buyers, but you can also ask for a higher price if you just changed the flooring in most of the house or improved the bathroom in some way. This is an investment in your future even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon. Wondering what exactly to change in order to increase the value in your home? Check out these 6 ideas!

Paint the façade!

Painting the façade is something we might not think to do as the existing finishes on the exterior become worn at a very gradual pace. In fact, we might not even realise that it’s in desperate need of some TLC until it occurs to us that making some changes to the façade could increase the value of our homes. A straightforward means of updating the façade is by refreshing it with a new coat of paint. You can either touch up the existing colour or this might be the time to consider changing the colour altogether. What a striking way to put a new face on your home! This house is fairly traditional in structure but this lovely sunset pink colour makes it stand out in a fresh new way. Additionally, if you decide to paint don’t your home’s exterior, be sure to remember the details. The white windowpanes, porch, and garage are dazzling against the pink because they were redone as well.

Increasing the living space

Perhaps you’ve just bought a house and deep down you wish it were a little bit more spacious. Not to worry! There are ways to add space to the existing structure whilst also adding value to the property overall. Space itself is a hot commodity these days so the more you can add, the more your home is worth. One way of doing this is to knock down some walls in lieu of an open plan layout. That’s what we are looking at in this home. Originally built in the 1920s, this home was comprised of several cramped rooms, but when it was renovated the design team decided to open it up a bit by tearing down the walls that separated the space. The result is a modern living area that is far roomier. Another way to the increase value of your home is by adding a conservatory.  It can be used as a sitting area or a dining room when the weather is nice.

Redesigning the garden

The value-adding renovations certainly do not have to be limited to the interior of your home. Quality landscaping is a huge plus on the real-estate market. Wow potential buyers or revel in this bonus feature yourself by redesigning your yard and including a garden. You can have the garden envelope a cosy little patio space as we see in this garden by Folha Paisagismo. Most people have somewhat of a natural affinity to the outdoors. Making your outdoor spaces hospitable is certain to score your house some extra points. Features like this living wall or some exotic plants are fascinating details that are sure to peak interest in both potential buyers and guests. If you’re looking for a more temporary fix, start by making sure the lawn is in good shape. From here add some potted plants and a bird feeder or other ornament and you’re good to go.

Renovating the kitchen

Another means of adding value is by filling your home with the most state of the art appliances within your budget. It makes the most sense to do this in the kitchen because it’s probably the space with the most built-in appliances. Consider installing a new stove and refrigerator that fit the space. A stove hood is another luxurious addition in this regard. Look into existing kitchen trends too for inspiration on which fixtures are currently in style. For instance, the farmhouse sink looks great in many kitchens and is definitely all the rage right now in kitchen design. Something else worth mentioning here is that rooms with abundant natural light are often sought after. This kitchen for example includes a lovely semi-cupola, which allows lots of sunshine to radiate inward. If a larger scale renovation is something you’re willing to undergo, this is an excellent thing to incorporate into the kitchen.

Renovating the bathroom

Using plants in large bathrooms Custom Media BathroomDecoration Natural Fibre
Custom  Media

Using plants in large bathrooms

Custom Media

The costs of bathroom renovations can definitely add up quickly. For instance, don’t be surprised if you encounter some unforeseen water damage in the bathroom as you commence renovations. Still the bathroom is of utmost importance to the buyer and daring to make some beneficial changes is a sure fire way to add value to your home. Changing the tub to a claw foot model like this one is always a crowd pleaser. Going with some tiles and a new coat of paint is another change that’s sure to wow newcomers. Just look at the way these tiles glisten in the light! If you’re not looking to go all out on the renovations, you can still make some simple changes to increase the value of the bathroom. For starters, make sure it is clean and free of mould and mildew. Add some tasteful art, shelves, and a plant to make the bathroom look both practical and pleasant.

Refurnish the living room

A final way to add value to your home is to refurnish the living room. Keep the furnishing neutral so potential buyers can imagine themselves in the space. A corner sofa is a popular furnishing mechanism in most living rooms because it is a great use of space and the amount of seating it provides makes the living room appear more inviting. This corner sofa is in a neutral cream shade so it is easier for buyers to relate to the space on a personal level. Adding some cheerful flowers and coffee table books can help to make the living room homier as well. If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your home while also adding value, bring some art to the living room. Both the piece above the television and the cowhide rug make a statement but they don’t distract the eye from appreciating the room as a whole. Investing in some artful elements like these is a good way to add value to the home even if you aren’t looking to sell it yet.

If you'd like more tips about making your living room more inviting, check out these ideas for creating a more welcoming living room. Happy decorating!

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