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Spaces without windows are nothing unusual. Often it is the bathroom, the dressing room or a converted cellar/basement. This is also not a major problem, if the interior equipment is appropriately aligned. The furniture, as well as the floor and walls, must compensate for this deficit. If you think now that only bright colors can be used, then you are deceiving yourself. It is quite possible and even very attractive when contrasts are set with dark colors. In addition to the interior design, various lighting techniques also offer the possibility to imitate daylight as well as proper vents to ensure that your space would not contract moulds or harbor foul odors. These rooms without window can also be made creative and unique as any other space. However, before you start planning, you should be sufficiently inspired. Considering the choice of the furnishings not only the fact that they are windowless rooms, but also pay attention to your taste and style.

Bathroom without a window

The color of the wall contributes significantly to the lighting of a room. Especially in bathrooms without windows, light colors are often used in tiles and walls. However, the bathroom also makes it much easier to compensate for the lack of windows, since in most of the bathrooms very large mirrors are installed, which also reflects light and helps illuminate the room. However, the ceiling design also plays an important role in the bathroom in order to create optimal light conditions. In this case, it would make sense to consider the installation of a false ceiling. By means of such a structural measure, the light could be distributed more easily in the room and at the same time stemming work for the laying of cables could be avoided. Discreet contrasts can be produced if the original light color, in different shades, emphasizes different points that you want to highlight. An additional indirect lighting would also encourage the room's atmosphere and invite a relaxing ambiance in the bath. The distribution of light, also plays a decisive role in a bathroom without windows, when it comes to design and the feel-good factor.

Attractive floor design and furniture

In windowless rooms, a pleasing floor design can contribute to the flair of the entire room. The choice of colors should be reduced to pastel colors or bright color shades so that the room does not lose any further brightness. Pleasant lighting and bright colored furniture can replace the missing light. The furniture should be chosen in any case to match the overall look.

Due to the slightly darker shade of the floor, an appealing contrast is automatically generated. The viewer is distracted by the missing window and focuses more on the harmonious look of furniture and flooring. With regard to the material you do not have to take into account the choice of floor, except the purpose of the space and your own taste. However, especially in dressing rooms, soft carpets are recommended, as most people enter this room barefooted.

Optimal lighting

A room without windows has to do without natural daylight. The use of dark colors without exception should be avoided so that the room still has an appealing flair. Rooms, such as a dressing room, do not necessarily require daylight. Adequate and well-thought-out lighting is very recommendable here in order to obtain the quality of daylight. In addition, the choice of furniture should be given special attention.

If you consider bright colors in the choice of furniture, this would encourage the effect of lighting. If you want to avoid a sterile effect, a varied and noble effect can be produced within the framework of the floor design. The lighting should extend over the entire room ceiling so that the room can be illuminated evenly. The manufacturers offer various techniques that can be installed with little effort. In the case of proper ventillation, having vents and using moth balls and having air conditioning in rooms such as this would be greatly beneficial to keep the area fresh even without windows.

Natural decoration

Most basements also don't have windows. Which is why adding plants can have a positive effect on the room's climate. The plant thus brings a natural effect into the space, which is excluded by the missing window. With one or more potted plants, you can tastefully decorate the entire room. This contributes to the enrichment of the room and ensures variety. Also, plants emit carbon dioxide which is advantageous to clean the air in addition to your ventilation system.

A natural and stylish effect can be produced not only with house plants, but also with fresh bouquet, which could be placed in an attractive vase on the table. Using many natural accessories could help as a distraction from having a windowless room. The space can be designed so interestingly that a missing window is not noticed at all. If you do not only want to put on natural decorations, the effect of the space can also be significantly promoted by warm colored furniture with natural tones.

Stylish accessories

In this apartment foyer, you can see how accessories can flood a room with brightness. They can be a real eye-catcher whenever they are part of a tasteful composition of different elements. The effect of mirrors should not be underestimated in this context, since they also reflect light. This is particularly useful when the corresponding room has no windows.

Even if sufficient lighting is available in the room and this is additionally supports those light sources, the illumination on the different accessories are highlighted significantly better. This is, of course, also dependent on the design of the decorative objects. Brilliant/shiny and bright materials can be displayed much more effectively. They not only provide an individual eye-catcher, but also reflect the light in different places at different points. This gives the room variety, which also exudes a unique flair.

Pictures provide variety

Photos and artworks are not only an expression of our cultural manifestation, but are also interesting objects that attract the attention of the viewer. This all the more beneficial if the design is a view into nature, by this, you creating an illusion of a refreshing space even in a windowless room. With pictures, real wonders can be achieved, if these are accompanied by interior and accessories tastefully and sustainably.

If the images are placed properly, they can unfold their entire effect beyond their scope and captivate the entire space. They ensure that the viewer not only permanently focuses on the image, but also looks at it as part of this work of art. With an appropriate lighting the effects, which can emanate from pictures, can additionally be promoted. With a picture, you have the opportunity to distract from a missing window while at the same time building the style of the room at a high level.

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