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10 fascinating ideas for ceiling design

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More than the decorations, the ceiling also gives the room a lot of character, as its crowning glory, having it well-maintained and professionally designed can influence have a huge impact. In addition, the architectural design of the interiors should certainly be considered as a whole when visualizing the ceiling. This is especially recommended if you encounter special features such as trusses or roof beams. Of course, choosing the design for your the ceiling is more than just picking the right color, it is also about the type of lighting and other elements that we will show you later on in this article. There are so much possibilities, but then again, all of them will ultimately depend on your taste.

Whether you prefer the ceiling design to be it simple or creative, it is important that you free your imagination, make your space the canvas in which you can realize the style that you want. The ceiling in the bathroom and the kitchen, however, do have to meet certain requirements compared to the other rooms. Similar to the flooring, you can create contrasts with the ceiling design and at the same time bring a lot of variety into the room. Be inspired and do not be afraid of doing combinations from different styles. Sometimes it is precisely these unique creations that spark an irresistible charm into the space.

Contrasting ceiling design 

A really elaborate ceiling design can look pompous or elegant. This partly depends not only on the viewer but also on the rest of the room design as well as the interior. The ceiling can draw attention by unusual lighting methods, but also by playful color combinations.

Thought-out ceiling design for more light

In the case of kitchens, it's always a matter of space, which should be as bright and wide as possible. Installing spot lights to the perimeter in addition to the central light fixture provides ample light for the entire kitchen counter while also illuminating the cupboards. A simple yet well-thought out ceiling design can have a positive effect as can be seen here.

The distribution of the lights is concentrated on the work surfaces. It is also beneficial to have a lot of light wherein you don't have to worry about your shadow clouding over you while you're chopping and preparing food.

Use the spatial structure

Sometimes a ceiling structure is already defined by the architecture of the building. This does not have to be bad if a rustic appearance does not disturb your taste. Such properties are often found in farms or half-timbered houses.

In this case, you will get beautiful exposed beams that could go well with design of the room, as in the example of ANTIK-STEIN. If you are pleased with how it appears, you can achieve such a ceiling design with little effort in the event that the structure of your house doesn't have it.

Dividing the space with ceiling design

Other than utilizing different colors, you can also achieve unusual ceiling design by creating different levels of ceilings. These allow you to visually divide a space without having to put up walls. These optical effects can be made from wood or polystyrene.

You simply place these components in the desired places and install them. After the parts are fastened you can color them according to your preference. You should also pay close attention to the measurements and be sure that it is the type of deign that you desire.

Unique overlay that hides wirings

Depending on the style of the architecture and the style of the decor, you can also implement indirect lighting using a clever ceiling design. For this you just have to hang the ceiling. The effort for this technique is manageable and achieves impressive results. There are also lightweight panel options that are pre-fabricated and readily available which can be used for these types of ceiling installations.

With a suspended ceiling you get not only a unique ceiling design, but it also provides depth. You can use this panel very simply for the installation of lighting systems, which indirectly floods the entire room with light.

Colorful room ceilings that provide variety

With a so-called stretch ceiling you get a similar effect, as with a normal suspended ceiling. However, with this type of ceiling design is a much more versatile option with the range of possibilities that you can create. With regard to lighting, as demonstrated by the example of DEZETT SPANNDECKEN having light behind the material creates a wonderful diffused light effect that illuminates with the different colors, creating a fun and geometric design.

A chandelier and crown molding for tasteful ceiling design

For classical designed rooms, an elegant and ornate ceiling design can provide distinction to the room. This can be achieved by using different colors or by installing crown molding with intricate patterns.

A grand chandelier can be placed in the middle of the room, or at the junctions to the walls. You can also use both variants at the same time. If you want to make your ceiling design stand out even more, you are free to choose the shade or hue of your liking.

Cove lighting and gold thematic trimmings

Here's a wonderful way to make a bedroom look romantic. To pull-off off such an arrangement, having cove lighting is used to create a warm atmosphere. In addition to the gold colored chandelier, The lining of the cove light is also designed with an intricate gold crown molding. Adding depth and drama to the design of the ceiling can really go a long way.

Maritime ceiling design that ensures relaxation

In the bathroom you should feel comfortable. It is one of the rooms, which also provides relaxation. Since a bathroom often invites you to relax, it can be idyllic to set-up a maritime ceiling design.

Of course, you can also create maritime elements on the walls and floor, in addition to an attractive ceiling design, so that the entire room is given a Caribbean flair. In addition to this, you should ensure that the choice of your furniture/fixtures are taken into account to create the appropriate room design.

Glossy ceiling with motif

If you prefer modern design, having a conservative ceiling design can be relatively unspectacular. Adding glossy tiles or polished wood can make the ceiling a design statement that ties in with the overall vibe of the room. Adding a set of modern drop lights along the bar area also separates the kitchen to the dining area.

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