9 perfect plants for the bedroom

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Plants provide freshness in any room and you should not underestimate its natural beauty that which imparts a light-hearted atmosphere. Bringing in foliage into the bedroom also ensures the best possible rest as it bestows a calm ambience into the room.

The fear that plants in the bedroom would bring in bad air is completely unfounded. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is perfect for introducing cleaner, breathable air, while also providing a pleasant indoor climate. If it's the dirty soil you're concerned about, we'll be happy to show you that there are other alternatives that doesn't require soil. 

Therefore, you should not hesitate to further beautify your bedroom with natural greens and flowers such as lavender and orchids. In this article, we'll give you some tips on which plants are especially suitable for the bedroom; the kind that would add a wonderful flair into your private space.

1. Yucca palm

A plant that should not be missing in any house: the Yucca palm! We are absolute fans of this exotic plant because of its tropical feel with that eye-catching sword-shaped leaves. The Yucca palm can reach a size of up to five meters if it is given enough room to grow. The Yucca palm is very cut-tolerable, making it easy to propagate.

This type of plant is very robust and the maintenance is only regular watering, fertilization and of course sunlight, which is why it would be ideal to have them placed by the window. If the Yucca palm is provided with sufficient light, it will provide freshness in your bedroom for a long period of time.

2. Orchid

Orchids have that classic look that is simple and radiant in every room of the house. Due to its timeless elegance, the orchid has for decades become an important element in modern households. The beautiful tropical flowers spread a very special charm to the bedroom, orchids also range in color, from soft white, to pastels, to very intense colors that are absolutely breathtaking and delicate-looking that adds a nice flair to the bedroom.

For beginners as well as for the bedroom, the best is the Moth orchid. This type is very robust and accustomed to warm temperatures and little light. Therefore, it is an ideal indoor plant, just ensure that it is along the window so that it receives ample sunlight.

3. Sansevieria

This interesting sleek plant with succulent qualities is called Sansevieria. A fresh look with faint dark green prints on each stalk. Placing them on decorative pots will definitely elevate it's overall aesthetics.

The Sansevieria originally comes from Africa and Asia. This plant can therefore withstand heat. In contrast to other plants, this plant prefers full sun exposure and therefore a place directly at the bedroom window or on a plater that hangs out along the windowsill.

4. Peace lilies

A peace lily quickly captures the hearts of all the inhabitants in the house. The leafy fresh and simple plant is lush and heart-warming. Originally this plant originates from regions around the Pacific. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that its flowers can't weather a humid atmosphere, so make sure that you regularly water the plants to keep them lively. Drought can have fatal consequences to this plant within a very short time.

With good care, you can enjoy the dainty flowers for a long time. During this period, it is also advisable to use fertilizers as maintenance. Also, these plants only produce flowers if they are able to get some sunlight, so treat them well by placing it along the window.

5. Jasmine, Gardenia and Stephanotis

Jasmine, gardenia and Stephanotis are wonderful plants which can be wonderful accessories to a bedroom. The white leaves spray a great flair in the whole room and can be arranged as in the picture above. These will definitely provide fresh and natural blossoms to your bedroom.

These plants grow in medium shade. It is important that they get enough moisture and on particularly hot summer days the leaves should also be sprayed with a little water.

6. Calla lily

The Calla lily, like the orchid, is an absolute classic among room plants. The beautiful plant is fascinating with it's elegant wrap around petal which blossom in various shades. The colors of the flowers come in in white, yellow, flamingo pink, purple, and orange. Have your pick on which color would best match the design of the bedroom.

The calla lily blooms approximately in the period from January to April and in the summer months the plant withdraws itself into a resting phase. This plant thrives in marshlands so it is best to keep the soil damp at all times. Also, if there is enough brightness in the room, you will enjoy the flowers of the beautiful calla lily in your bedroom for many years.

7. Bonsai

It is the traditional symbol of tranquility and balance and thus the perfect plant for a relaxing bedroom. The Bonsai fits into every bedroom design as if by itself, and with its delicate and very fine leaves and forms, it is extremely soothing.

Bonsai trees originate from Asian garden architecture and, over the last decades, have long since conquered the hearts of plant lovers worldwide. The small shrubs and trees, however, require a lot of care and should only be purchased if you have enough time for its proper maintenance. This includes the regular supply of water, optimal fertilization as well as the perfect light incidence. Because the more light the bonsai gets, the faster it grows also.

8. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular plant specie. If you decide to place a lavender plant in the bedroom, make sure you get enough light. This is the most important basis for a flowering, radiant and fragrant lavender plant.

Basically, the plant likes to be outdoors. But if you have an optimal, bright and humid environment, the lavender plant will also provide fresh flair in your bedroom.

9. A colorful bouquet

If you produce a variety of flowering plants in your garden, then why not bring in some of it's flowers indoors? You can have that romantic-playful bouquet in the bedroom without having to bother with bringing in soil in the house. A vase with water would do just fine. There's also no need to limit yourself to just one type of flower, having a bouquet of different species such as roses, carnations or tulips can transform the entire atmosphere of your bedroom.

The flowers may not last as the other potted plants but they will still provide you with the absolute freshness and naturalness that you are looking for, you can even change it up once in a while to suit your mood. So if you want to create a new bouquet of flowers for your bedroom, you should go directly to the work!

As you can see, there are numerous plant species that would look lovely in the bedroom. You will also have to think about how much time you can spend in tending to the plants as you decide on the type of foliage you want in your bedroom. You may consult an expert interior designer to help you make the right choice in finding the right one that will highlight the beauty of your bedroom.

Any particular color or flower that you are fond of? Do you think it would compliment the beauty of your bedroom? 

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