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9 different types of terrace roofing

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Patio and terrace roofing can made of materials such as glass, fabric, reed or wood, fixed or mobile, and some are flexible and can even be adjusted when it is needed with a click of a remote control.

We all love our terrace in the summer, but as the seasons change, we are often surprised by the harsh weather conditions and find ourselves grateful for those days when we're not shooed off from the terrace because of rain showers. Even during the lovely evenings, we enjoy a shaded terrace so we don't get have to worry about the evening dew which could potentially have unhealthy effects on children. More so, covering the terrace is also a good way to maintain your outdoor furniture, prolonging the lifespan of your lounge chairs.

But the question is: Which terrace roofing is the right one? At homify, we have a wide range of options available, and some of them are even more detailed.

Romantic roofed terrace

The tried and tested version is a pergola-type covered with traditional roof shingles. This is quick and easy to build because a part is attached directly to the house and its stability is obtained by the wooden pillar construction on the opposite side. Fast growing vines give the terraced roof its shade and exudes a rustic and romantic appearance. Caution: When planting, always make sure that it does not attack the foundation of the house so it doesn't weaken the structure of the walls.

Textile terraced roof

An extremely flexible variant of the roofing of a terrace is this: If you want to enjoy the full portion of the sun, you simply remove the textile. On the other hand, if rain is to be expected, the textile can be stretched to cover the entire frame of the roof ceiling, and after the season, you can simply take off the fabric and wash them out. Also, interestingly enough, notice how its poles are bolted onto the walls instead of the floor.

Reed-roof patio

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MFA Architects

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MFA Architects

Or how about this filigree type of ceiling for the patio? It hardly keeps out the rain unless you have a fiberglass cover on top of the material, but nonetheless, it still provides good sun protection. So if you are looking for a solution that simply filters the light and at the same time, utilizing a sustainable natural material for the terracing roofing, then the choice is a reed-roofed variant.

Tempered glass patio roof

A panel of tinted or frosted tempered glass is the right choice for those who want a bit of shade while warding off the rain. The fixed version is a bit more costly, but this structure is very durable and will last you for many years, you will just have to find someone who would occasionally clean those panes.

Stretch fabric

A sail-like stretch fabric is a light and summery roofing variant, which in comparison to the sunshade is also safe in some windier areas. An additional advantage of a sail as a terrace roof is its flexible suspension: Depending on the requirements, you can always use it in different areas. And with the appropriate choice of materials, a sun sail could even protect against rain, depending on the type of material, so it is better to check if it has water-resistant properties and don't forget to read the specifications on cleaning the fabric, whether it's washing machine safe and such.


The covered awning on the terrace as a roofing solution is the right choice for all those who want everything. An awning can be extended if you need protection from the sun or rain and in perfect weather you can simply let it retract and make yourself comfortable without a roof on the terrace. A further advantage of the awning is that it is available in many different colors and materials and you can also decoratively place a special highlight on the terrace!

Patio with curtain

This patio is characterized by an extremely versatile concept: the relatively simple wooden construction is used not only as a nice roofing solution, but also as a curtain rod for curtains, which can protect you from the wind, gust from the rain and from prying eyes. In addition, a mixed version of transparent and opaque components was chosen for the roofing. So you have no sun directly above the table, which melts the cream cake and the outer terraces can still be enough light, so that one is not sitting in the dark.

All for the terrace

This high-tech terrace enclosure is something for connoisseurs! An electronic roof, operated by a remote control, it allows you to choose the level of shade you get from the sun with the push of a button. The easy regulation allows you to get rid of all nuances between these extremes and the structure also provides a quick installation without additional house extensions or elaborate construction.

Sliding elements for the terrace

This terraced shelter, made of individually movable elements, is ideal for those who have a terrace along windy areas. The individual parts can be variably rotated in any direction and thus always provide your desired setting.

Which type of terrace roofing do you think fits the style of your home?
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