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Stylishly furnished with a small budget

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You cannot buy good taste, but then again, you can always work on it: through practice and observation. In order to be a good interior designer, having a bountiful wallet often comes in handy. From exclusive tableware, to fine curtains, to designing the living room: it is evident that furnishing does not come cheap, and if you're short on budget, then the selection often appears to be very limited.

However, thanks to the current furnishing trends and mass production, the possibility of setting up a classy apartment on a budget can be realized, if you know where to look then you can get beautiful furniture for little money. In this case, there are certain types of designs that would fit in perfectly, these are minimalism and industrial design. Simple raw walls, sparse but deliberately decorations, surfaces can also be designed with little money; In place of many favorable accessories, a few selected objects in the room often achieve the better effect. This article will give you an overview on setting up a classily furnished apartment on a low budget—and contains valuable tips on cheaper alternatives.

Start with minimalism

If you want to set up your apartment in a stylish but inexpensive way, then you could opt for a minimalist arrangement. When you are moving into a new home, you may want to rethink about moving all the boxes in directly. Instead, it is recommended to unpack only the items you actually need in the new apartment or house right at the very beginning. In this way one can slowly get used to the space and work on designing gradually. Often, small details can produce fantastic effects: a beautiful picture, for example, looks much stronger on a blank wall than between book shelves and decorative elements.

As you settle into your apartment, you will have to acquire the habit of only buying and keeping what is necessary in order to fully appreciate the beauty of a minimalist home. 

Invest in special items

modern Living room by Ocho Workshop
Ocho Workshop

Leather Acapulco chair

Ocho Workshop

If one takes into account the aesthetic ideals of modern minimalism, this results in a practical advantage: since less money has to be spent on furniture, you can invest your budget into a few, special items. These include classic furniture: a nice chair or a designer couch will be an absolute eye-catcher in minimalist apartments. But also lamps, a shelf or attractive curtains can play the role of special accessories in one room. Many of these items are available; You'll be surprised that some vendors actually sell items that look almost similar from the well-known design classics at a lower cost, giving you that same luxurious furniture at a more affordable price.

Another way to make a space special is to place art prints or originals on the wall. As unique pieces or as part of a small series, they give a room a special patina. If you are looking for cheap and unique art, you will often find the right place on special markets of art schools, where you will find paintings, photographs, graphics and sculptures of young talents.

Less is more

modern Living room by s.wert design
s.wert design

Vorhang: Großstadtpflanze

s.wert design

Less is more is one of the central postulates of minimalism. The time when you renounce clutter and over-decorating will also be the time that the real beauty and essence of a room will flourish.

More often than not, we correlate that beautiful homes can only be achieved by the privileged or those who are better-off. But since the advent of minimalism and functionalism, the dictum Less is more has now established itself firmly in the broad market. So, fortunately, there are also a lot of affordable furniture, which come in a variety of designs that is straightforward and can seamlessly fit into modern dwellings.

Individual accessories, such as the hi-fi system, the special sofa or the unusual dining table, appear much better in a minimalist room than when they have to compete with other distracting accessories. In this case, it may well be worthwhile to plan the set-up well prior to moving in or buying the items.

Classics that set the mood

eclectic Living room by DELIFE

Drehsessel Eye Ball Weiss Schwarz Antik Design


Nothing goes beyond one of the many design classics from the 20th century. Whether the famous ceiling light or the unmistakable seating: the history of the furniture design is full of attractive accessories that make life more beautiful. In a minimalist dwelling, these objects receive the space they need to function as originally intended by the designer.

For this reason, however, it is also particularly important to think beforehand exactly what style fits into your own four walls: the natural, modern design by Charles Eames, which convinces through attractive material mixes, or the rather cool approach of Jörg Utzon, There's also the playful elegance of an Alvar Aalto, or the functionality that designers like Jean Prouvé or Arne Jacobsen stand for.

It is advisable to think carefully about the various options before making the right decision.

Eye for details

Do you want to gain the quality of life that you've always wanted and achieving it on a low budget? This usually takes you on various DIY projects or scouring thrift shops for bargains, if so, then you better have a good eye for detail. Because details are the ones that make impressions which can draw certain emotions so make sure that what you put into your home is something that you will truly cherish over time.

Typically, these details also include the careful arrangement of furniture and decorations such as photos or your display of souvenirs from the holidays, which give a table or the shelf a personal touch. However, an inconspicuous detail that runs through the entire arrangement, unifies the look and increases the attractiveness of an apartment: for example unusual frame of pictures that portray a diverse set of motifs.

The detailed work not only ensures that visitors will be enthusiastic about the apartment, but also ensures that residents feel comfortable in their own home in the long haul.

Pleasant scents for each room

scandinavian Living room by alba najera
alba najera


alba najera

A pleasing aroma can greatly increase the quality of living. For the different rooms, here are some tricks, which could help improve the smell.

1. Dry out the wet towels outside during summer: in this way, the bathroom is spared from increased humidity and the unpleasant odor of wet textiles which often tend to have a foul scent.

2. Other than the fragrance of soap, you may also opt to light scented candles for a relaxing ambient mood while you take a dip in the bath tub.

3. In the living room, on the other hand, it is recommended to prepare cut flowers and to increase their fragrance with oils. Another possibility is fresh lavender or potpouri, which also spreads a very pleasant smell.

4. In order for the bedroom to smell good, you should ventilate adequately in the morning—including bedspread and head pillow (in summer usually on the balcony or on the terrace).

5. In order to avoid unpleasant odors from the kitchen, it helps to close the kitchen door when cooking and to open the window or to use an exhaust hood.

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