From Squalor to Splendor: A Dramatic Renovation

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Studio 06 Living room
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Rarely is the word transformation truly justified in renovation. It requires more than a few alterations to remake an existing structure. Thanks to the vision of Studio 06, this scruffy and outdated farmhouse was given new life. Modern touches and bold gestures bring the home into the present day. The space, once functionally segmented is pulled together and flows between spaces. A variety of colour, light and materials breathe personality into the home.

Though the bones of the original building remain intact, it has been extensively remodelled. Large windows define the front facade, allowing light to stream into both the living space below and second level. This marrying of functionality and design is present throughout the building. This all sounds fairly impressive, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look!

The origins

Before we take our visual tour of the transformed structure, we get a glimpse at its origins. While these classic farm houses have their charm, this one lacked any real character. To be brought to its full potential, more than a simple make over was needed. The architects needed to go a little deeper, and so they did.

A bright facade

With the renovation the home has been visually transformed both inside and out. Basic elements and features of the building are retained, such as the impressive wooden ceiling beams. These add warmth and grandeur to the large white open space. As they petrude through the front facade, they pay homage to the homes roots. Along with the shingled roof, they allow one to imagine the home in its original form. In contrast to this classic element, are the large windows sitting directly below. These give a modern look whilst inviting as much light as is possible into the now welcoming living space.

Contrasting colours

A refined atmosphere is cultivated in the living space through sharp edges and curious features. This is in stark contrast to the rough functionality and, dare I say, neglect of yester year.  The choice of colour is deliberate and very effective. The bright white of the internal walls is elegant and creates the perfect back drop for interior decorating. Features such as the solid concrete table are given full weight against them.

They white walls also bring forth both the large grey feature wall which frames the elegant septum. This touch of bold colour defines room and would certainly be the lasting memory of any visitor. The large clock demonstrates how stylistic choices can interact with architectural design. This thought is extended in small details such as the pouf’s, which appear casual but help to foster a feeling of comfort.

Kitchen and dining

The space dedicated to the kitchen and dining is Scandinavian in nature. The strong colours of the wooden kitchen details interrupt the white walls. Their colour is reminiscent of the wooden beams; a small touch of tradition in a modern space. The beams are given a greater emphasis without the distraction, endearing as they may be, of the grey and red elements at the other end of the house. 

Here we are given a full view of the dining table, now understanding its full impact on the space rather than just through its colour. It is perhaps the most modern feature of the entire home, surrounded by transparent plastic chairs. Another wonderful attempt to bring notions of the past into the present is seen in the bent wooden ladder, placed in the corner and used for storage. This single deviation from clean lines draws the eye and subtly injects personality. Take a look here, to discover other interesting approaches to the dinning room.

An unexpected feature

Now let’s take a quick look at an intriguing element in the upper level. A large portion of the solid concrete floor has been removed, replaced with a glass panel. This engenders a sense of visual continuity and flow between the social space below and private above. It also creates the impression of additional space in each room through the uninterrupted flow of light. Through the pain, one is given another view of the staircase now being able to fully appreciate the wonderful wooden stairs and white metal profiles. What a masterpiece of craftsmanship!

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